Night out in Las Vegas: Guns N’Roses not in this lifetime tour

Hello beautiful people! Happy Saturday 🌟
Days are getting so short! Here in Vegas it gets dark by 5pm, it feels like time flies away! Reason why, we need to make the best of it every day. I just recently started, it feels awesome.

Anyway, last night we went to see the Guns N’Roses show at T-Mobile Arena here in Las Vegas. I have not seeing a show since my husband played with them in that same Arena a few years ago.We got there at 7 pm since they announced the show was gonna start at 7.30pm and they had no opening band. We were at the Hyde VIP lounge with lots of friends and lots of alcohol. Too bad I don’t drink. It would have probably been more fun that if I did.
In their defense, our table was very far from the stage, that could be the reason why they didn’t transmit me much energy. Only one song touched my heart by bringing me back many special memories and magical moments spent together with Dj when we first met.. “This I Love”. On those notes, I fell in love with the guy ❤

We left before the show was over, to avoid the big crowd and because we all were hungry. Ok, Maybe just me. We walked to the Montecarlo Hotel and casino across the street where the squad keep slamming shots, except me. The trooper 😅
We gambled (and lost) till we decided to head to a bar close to home to finally eat. We may or may not have continued to do some gambling from our phones using sites like netent casino; honestly, what are we like?!
Overall, the night was pretty awesome, thanks to the company.

For the night I decided to put together a sexy-rock look; I wore a vinyl black skirt with a silver and shiny top. I thought about matching a leather jacket but I decided to go with a more elegant coat to match my super amazing new boots by Saint Laurent.
It was the first time I wore them and surprisingly my feet weren’t in hell all night.
Usually, I avoid high heels when I go out in Vegas, because no matter where you go you will have to walk miles to get to your destination. We must have walked 4 miles last night. Maybe more.

Today, there’s another huge event! If you’re in Vegas you need to come to Dj’s Bday bash! The party will be at the ASHBA CLOTHING store at 2nd floor at the Stratosphere hotel and casino from 9 pm till 2am (again, gambling is optional – you can do it from the comfort of your home using phone casinos, if you’d rather)! There will be food, drinks, giveaways and……. My clothing line available for sale! Wohooo! I am so excited about this, I put a lot of time and work in this project and I couldn’t be more thankful of the result.
All the pieces on will be displayed at the store for you to touch, try and purchase! And yes, even shoes!!! Hope to see you there tonight!

I’ve been writing this post while getting a tattoo as Seven studio tattoo..
So painfull YUCKKKK!!!!

I wish you a fantastic weekend 🌼
Much love, Naty





















My lovely friend Jeannette, Dj and me.

HYDE VIP Lounge inside T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

The view from our table.


Montecarlo hotel – 10.00 pm

St. Patricks – 12.00 am



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