How to wear a Scarf!

Hello my beautiful Ladies! Happy Saturday!
Any cool plans for the weekend?
Beside training for the SPARTAN RACE and working non stop, today I’m going out for lunch at the Bellagio and then will probably head to the fashion mall for some spring shopping! Follow me on snapchat to see my adventures! (Natyashba)
Today’s video has been requested for long time.. I Hope you find it helpful and don’t forget to share it if you liked it!
There are so many different ways to wear a scarf.. It depends on the fabrics and the size of the scarf-foulard!
There are many tutorials out there if you’re looking for more styles!
By the way, I can’t believe how fast the scarfs sold! It started as a fun project with my grandma and now we’re in our 2nd collection!Take a look to the 2 styles I have left HERE. (the hearts one is my fav!)

I wish you wonderful weekend love bugs!



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