Bye bye DRY SKIN!

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Hello my friends! Hope you’re having a great day! As you know, every day I’m looking for great and useful products to share with you. I always get so excited when I find solutions to daily beauty problems, or when I discover a great product that is worth being shared! Today, I want to talk about a problem that follows us through every season… DRY SKIN!
There’s nothing more annoying and unsightly than those spots on our body that make us look ten years older!
We all have areas on our skin that are a bit drier, a bit rougher and a bit more problematic than others.
These areas often include our knees, elbows, heels, and hands! I personally deal with it every day, especially with the super-hot and dry summer in Vegas. And winter? Even worse!!!! My legs and hands get sooo dry it’s embarrassing!
One day I forgot to moisturize my legs and had to come back home! Crazy right?!
I’ve tried sooo many body lotions, and they all make the same fake promises. After some hours I would have the same problem again!
The good news? We don’t have to be self-conscious about our skin. AmLactin moisturizers can transform dry, rough trouble spots into soft, supple, healthy-looking skin.
They contain alpha-hydroxy therapy, which gently exfoliates dry, dead skin cells and intensely hydrates. With creamy emollients that help skin retain moisture and rich humectants that draw water to the skin, even your areas that are toughest to tackle can look and feel soft, smooth, and beautiful.Watch the video below for more info:


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