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Sweet Little Lie-Downs: Sleeping Your Way To Good Health

As an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, sleep is back on the menu as one of the pillars of, not just our day-to-day existence, but our longevity in life.…


How To Express Yourself With Jewelry

Jewelry is a fabulous way to perfect the look you’re going for. Whether it is a finishing touch to an already stunning outfit, or you are using your favorite item…


How to Look More Confident on Important Meetings

If you are a busy professional and often find yourself having to attend important meetings on a short notice, you might panic what to wear. If you know the company…


How to Speed Up Toning Up

We all want to look like the women in magazines, and sometimes our body image becomes unhealthy. If you feel like you only need to focus on some body areas…


Dressing for the cold Season with Style

Anyone can dress for warmth, it’s not exactly difficult to throw on a jumper or a hoody! But, can you dress to stay warm while still retaining a sense of…


Wicked Things You Can Do With Tech in Your Spare Time

It’s so important these days to embrace the opportunities that technology can provide for you. There are so many excellent things that tech can provide for us these days, and…


How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Whether you’re training for a marathon, or you’re on a mission to leave an inactive lifestyle behind, setting goals can be a fantastic way to increase motivation. The trouble is…


#REVOLVEaroundtheWorld LA

What’s up guys! Happy Monday! I just came back from a busy and fun week in LA with REVOLVE! I attended 9 events in 5 days 😱, each one was…


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