Your Beauty Routine on a Budget

We all have a budget to stick to. Some of us like to splurge a little, and some of us like to make it stretch as far as it can go. If your budget for luxury items like beauty products doesn’t stretch very far, then all is not lost. You can still get some amazing looking skin without having to buy too many products. You can even use some of the things that you have already in your home as part of your regime. So here is to quality beauty products, that don’t have to cost the earth.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is a wonder product and works well in the home for some natural cleaning. But have you ever considered for part of your beauty routine? There are a number of uses for baking soda, starting with using it as a facial cleanser. If you mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with your favorite cleanser, then it can work together to be a cleanser that acts as an exfoliator. That saves you money from having to get a separate scrub. 


Buy Wholesale

You know the hairdressers and the beauty salons get their products, right? They get them wholesale so it makes them cheaper. Usually, you would need to prove that you have a business in order to go in somewhere and buy wholesale. However, there are a number of wholesale health and beauty care websites online that offer wholesale prices on some of your favorite products. So if you know what you like but just want to have them at a more affordable price, that could be the route to go down.


Homemade Face masks

There are a number of homemade face masks that you can make with foods that are already in the home. Foods like bananas, oats, honey, and yogurt can combine to make an amazing face mask, as well as avocado, coconut oil, and cucumber. There are different combinations to choose from, depending on what you are looking to do. So look up some homemade face mask recipes online, and those things will hardly cost anything, as you’ve probably already got them in at home.


Green Tea

If you have used beauty products before that contain caffeine in them, then you will know how good they can be for your skin, and for reducing puffiness. One natural product that you might already have at home is green tea. Green tea contains plenty of caffeine, so when cooled, the tea bags can work wonders for puffy eyes. The tea itself, once diffused with the tea bag and left to cool, can also work well as a refreshing facial toner. It can be a great solution for skin prone to acne. 


Stay Hydrated

One of the most natural beauty products that we have access to is water. But are we properly hydrating our skin? When we stay hydrated, it is a very inexpensive way of taking care of our skin, as it keeps skin looking plump and vibrant, as well as free from breakouts and toxins. 


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