Weekend Getaway! #Miami Beach

Hello guys!
I’m back from my weekend getaway in Miami and I wanted to share with you my experience and a few tips in case you’re planning on visiting Florida anytime soon..

This was my second time in Miami, the first time was 5 years ago for New Years’Eve, I had awesome memories so I couldn’t wait to go back. We took a late night flight from Vegas and we got there at 6 in the morning, I don’t talk or interact too much at that time, I’m pretty much a walking zombie, a mad one lol. We checked in at the Beacon South Beach Hotel, iconic for the centered position on Ocean Drive. The party vibe started early but we needed to rest a few hours before starting our party not- so animal weekend.

As soon as you enter there’s a welcome environment with a bar placed right at the lobby and many posters of the movie “Scarface” which I found pretty cool and very Old Miami style! In fact, a few scenes were filmed on the back side of the hotel!

The room was pretty with an awesome ocean view, I could literally move to Miami just to get that view every morning.

Since we took a nap till noon, we missed breakfast, but we had lunch at their restaurant ” The place”. I got a healthy seafood salad and hubby got garlic shrimp skewers.. I’m all about seafood when I’m by the ocean since it’s so fresh and so healthy AND so yummy!!!

The vibe was awesome, lots of people walking by and great Latin music in the background.. I was dancing while dining! Awesome service and fantastic food. After lunch we walked across the street and checked out the beach.. There was a lot of people on the beach and in the water so we decided to take pics and walk around instead.

As we were walking around, I was in people-watching mode, as I’m sure most of us are when we’re on vacation. I was totally mesmerized by the fashion choices that these holiday-goers had decided to wear. I have never seen more beautiful pieces of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits than I saw here. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them visited a site like Hermoza, (view page here) before traveling. My friend uses them when she wants the newest range of luxurious swimsuits, and she looks amazing in them, as did everyone else on the beach. If anything, I was slightly jealous. But I guess I’ll just have to bring out my show-stopping swimsuits when we finally get ourselves on the beach.

Shoes: Valentino Bag: Cultgaia Dress: Fortunate one

We took a cab and went to Lincoln Ave, A must see if you’ve never been in South Beach before. Lots of nice shopping stores and bars with happy hours at almost all times! It’s a pretty long avenue so I recommend you to wear comfy shoes. We were very lucky on our first day as it was very sunny and it supposed to rain all weekend.

As you guys know, I’m a healthy foodie but a foodie! I love checking out nice restaurants and review them, so I took hubby downtown to dine at Zuma. (I made reservation 2 weeks prior my trip) I was very excited to go there since the one in Vegas is sensational, but I didn’t calculate that a Latin concert was happening that night so all the traffic was on fire!

After 45min sitting in traffic we decided to walk half mile to get to the restaurant. It felt like a miserable 5mile walk as I had pointy heels.. Totally worth it. The dinner was amazing.

As predicted, it rained all night and all the following day, so we both decided to fly back to Vegas one day early. We watched from our hotel room the #RoyalWedding and packed our bags. We live in Vegas where it maybe rains 3 days a year so I was enjoying the breeze and the rain. For a minute. Then I was over it. I was ready to go home. Although I love Miami, when it rains it could be a little boring. I HIGHLY recommend you to check out the weather forecast before you book your trip. If it’s raining they close the pools and don’t allow hanging out by the beach or swimming in the ocean. (I wouldn’t even if it wasn’t forbidden the waves were pretty scary!).

Other then that, if you are looking to party from morning till night, relax on the beach and have some good food, South Beach is the perfect place for you!

Ps. I’m writing this post on the plane and I can’t tell you how excited I am to squeeze Gordo! (Emilio)
I wanted to thank one more time the staff of the Beacon Hotel for the great treatment and the complimentary stay.

Happy Sunday to you all!
Xx Naty


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