Vacanze italiane – Summer 2017 Highlights

Hello beautiful people! Happy Monday!

Did you watch the fight Mayweather vs McGregor on Saturday? I am pretty bummed McGregor lost since we bet some $$ on his victory!


Last Wednesday I came back from an amazing trip to Europe with hubby. It was our 4 pre-anniversary vacation (the real date is Sep 23) and we had the most amazing time ever! I grew up in Italy so coming back to where I lived it’s always an amazing feeling. When I’m in my mom’s house I feel like a little girl and it feels like time has never passed!!  Although I lived in Trento for almost 11 years, I don’t have many friends or people I’m looking forward to see again. I always felt like I didn’t belong there and that’s why on my 18th birthday I decided to move to Rome. I took all my savings and drove 600km on my Lancia Ypsilon alone. I left my mom in tears in Trento trying to convince me to stay. But I couldn’t stay. I wanted to study Psychology, I wanted to be a model, I wanted to discover the world! And I did. I have great memories and bad memories. I made great experiences that led me to meet amazing people such as my husband and my best friend Jackelin. You’ll see her in most of my photos below and I’m pretty sure you’ll notice what a sweet hear she has from the look in her eyes.

I hope you enjoy the highlights of my Italian days “)

Mom and me in the Duomo square, Trento.


If you ever end up in Trento and are craving ice cream go to “Serafini”, they have incredible creations!

The day after we went to Caldonazzo lake, we went to an awesome beach club with jacuzzi, Moscow mules and yummy pizza 😛 My best friend Jack and her boyfriend Daniele mets us there. They drove 3 hrs just to meet us!



The next day we went to Val di Fassa, to visit my stepdad’s family, have lunch at his hotel and spend the afternoon at QC Terme, natural hot springs between the mountains!! It was a breathtaking view with delicious exclusive champagne and tasty bites.

Happy hour at the Golden Park Resort.

We went to Ibiza for 4 days ( I will do a post with the highlight of that trip), so here we were heading to Trento for a few more days before flying to Vegas.


Jack came to stay a few days in my house so we could have a 48hr non stop girls talk. Literally. I came back with no voice. We had to catch up 365 days of gossip! Remembering old times we had tears in our eyes of laughing too much.

On our last night in Italy we had dinner at a typical wine bar in Affi, where I Delighted my last original Italian espresso.

After dinner we headed to Bardolino, Riva del Garda, to have some drinks and dance!

“La notte leoni e la mattina coglioni”. This famous Italian saying pretty much sums up the traveling day: At night lions and in the morning assholes.

I wore everything tho “)

Have I ever told you I AM NOT A FAN of food on airplanes?

Home from the sky.

Stay tuned for the highlights of our trip to Ibiza and Formentera.
I wish you a fabulous week!

Much love, Naty


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