Travel Guide to MYKONOS, Greece 2018

Hello guys! I’m back from my trip to Mykonos and here I am to share with you my favorite places I had the chance to visit while I was there and some tips to have a wonderful experience in this fascinating Greek Island. This trip was pretty special for me because my travel buddy was my Mother!
We hadn’t taken a vacation together in 13 years so I felt it was time to surprise her with a trip to Mykonos, plus, she takes really good photos 🙂


We departed from Verona (Italy) on a Tuesday morning with the low cost airplane company “Volotea”. I am not a huge fan of charter flights but we really had no other choice in our departing city.
My first tip is: avoid to fly with low cost companies! They seem cheap but they keep adding $$ to your final fare to even just check-in at the airport!

We got charged for checkk–in , each luggage, seat selection and pet fare. If you follow my stories then you probably know I had to leave my pug at a pet hotel because he was only 1kg over the limit in cabin.
No words. Next time, I’ll do my homework snd book the trip with a legit airline company that has no secret charges.


The first thing we did when we landed in Mykonos was renting a car. Best choice I’ve ever made. Shoutout to a new destination, I love being independent and explore on my own the beauty of the place. My favorite renting car company is Avis, you can choose the car and the fare, definitely waaay cheaper than the dozens of taxis I would have had to pay to even go to the beach.

Mykonos is a paradise with hidden beaches and lots of hip restaurants to visit, not to mention the endless nightlife in clubs and in town, you need to be able to move everywhere you go easily!

There are a few more options if you don’t want a car; you can rent a scooter or an ATV, but keep in mind that they don’t rent it for lest than 5 days and it’s very sunny and windy all day. I would have melted like chocolate under the sun.

It takes 20 minutes to cross the Island from one side to the other, we did it probably 30 times in 5 days.

I would say the same advice stands for those travelling to the island of Crete. With so much to experience, you really would benefit from a hire car. Check out what is available from

In Greece, you can see so many things by hitting the road that you would not get the chance to spot normally! For example, some friends of mine recently got back from a trip to Heraklion and they had such a fantastic experience in their rental car. When it comes to finding a car rental Heraklion has a wide variety of choice so whether you are traveling solo, in a couple, or as a group, you are sure to find a vehicle that meets your needs.


While in Mykonos, we stayed in two different hotels and visited a few for their restaurants.

The first half of the trip we stayed at the “Pietra e Mare“, a 4* hotel situated nearby Kaio Livaldi, the most exclusive beach with the whitest sand and the bluest water. The hotel was very pretty with typical white minimalist architecture and lots of blossom instagrammable spots.

The pool was nice but a little small, never too crowded although it was super high season.

The room was clean and cozy, but for being the Junior suite it was very small and basic. I didn’t like the fact they don’t have a gym (actually my mom didn’t, I was cool with total relax for a few days).

The things I really liked about this hotel were the view from my room, the breathtaking view from the restaurant, and the close distance to the beach (100 m – 5 minutes).

If you’re looking for some great views and comfort, this hotel is perfect for you! Not everybody likes staying in hotels so there are plenty of other options for you. There are some beautiful holiday rentals dotted around Mykonos and next time I visit, I’m tempted to stay in a villa rather than a hotel.

For the second half of our trip, we chose “Cavo Tagoo Mykonos“, a 5* Luxury Hotel situated nearby the port of Mykonos. The hotel was modern and luxury, absolutely beautiful. It has the best infinity pool on the entire Island! There’s always a Dj set by the pool area playing lounge music which to me was pretty cool. Our room was breathtaking! We had our own cave pool! I think I took 2000 photos there.

The rooms are modern with all the facilities and of course, there’s a huge gym inside the hotel.
I could have stayed there forever..

If you’re looking for total relax and luxury this is the place for you. The only glitch is that the main view looks to the port, and lots of times there are cruise ships in the middle of the view.
There are no beaches at walking distance, but with a car you can find several 10 mins away.

When I plan a vacation, I always enjoy researching a few days before what are the historical places to visits, the most exclusive beaches, the hippest bars and clubs and of course, the best restaurants to dine! Below you will find my top places to visit in Mykonos:


In Mykonos Island, there are numerous beaches to choose from, each beach has a beach club with a restaurant, music, beds with umbrellas for around 60-80$ and only good vibes. But there’s also a public side each beach where is completely free and you just need to bring your towel and sunscreen with you!

I have to be honest, the public side of the beaches were very dirty, it was very sad to see how people won’t take care of their own garbage in such a beautiful place. Beer bottles and coke bottles were left all over the beach, I hope they start controlling more the place and set salty fines. It’s such a shame.

My Favorite beach was Kaio Livaldi for its clean water and white sand. The best beach club of the beach is “SOLYMAR“, we spent 3 days in there getting tan, sipping wine vineyards and listening to some Rnb music. Make sure you make a reservation for the restaurant and the beds with umbrella, it’s a very hip place so it’s always packed! (But still very fun).

On the same beach, you can find “LOHAN”, another Cool beachclub to visit, it’s very similar to Solymar, almost identical, but the vibe at Solymar is authentic!

Whole grilled squid with mixed greens

Another beautiful beach located in the Southern tip of Mykonos is Paraga, personally not as pretty as Kaio Livaldi and way more crowded, but definitely a place to visit when in Mykonos, especially because there you can find SCORPIOS, one of the most popular (and delicious) Mediterranean restaurants in the Island.

You can find celebrities having lunch here and later in the afternoon dancing on the notes of famous DJs from 5 pm till 12 am. The most fun day is Thursday.

As I mentioned before, there are lots of different beaches to choose from, it all depends on what you’re looking for! If you want to party from early afternoon then Paradise Beach is the right one for you! You will find Drinks, people dancing and loud music from early morning till.. early morning! After all, Mykdsonos is the party island of Greece!


As any touristic destination, Mykonos offers infinite dining choices.

My mom and I are obsessed with seafood and mediterranean cuisine so I opted for fresh seafood at the beach clubs for lunch and fine dining in high end spots at night.

You can find fast food, Kebab, pizza, typical local food, Italian food, anything you desire. I tried to green food but personally I find it a little heavy, they love exceeding with oil.. BUT, my new favorite dessert ever is BAKLAVA, a pasty soaked in honey that literally takes me to heaven every time.
My top choices for a fresh lunch are Solymar, Scorpio and Nammos.
My favorite places to dine at night are:

Eva’s Garden, situated in the heart of the Old town, this restaurant is filled with blossoms and offer one of the finest seafood in the island;

Credit: Tripadvisor

Karavaki, this restaurant has the best sunset view thanks to its location by the pool inside the Vencie Hotel. The view to the city and the ocean makes is one of the most romantic spots of Mykonos.
I really wanted to enjoy the sunset view but I arrived too late, make sure you make a reservation not later than 8 pm.

Grilled Shrimp

Buddha Bar, located inside the Santa Marina hotel, it offer the freshest sushi elaborated but top chefs. Nice chill environment, nice sunsets too!

Credit: Georgia Papadon

Pietra e Mare, the last night we decided to give a try to the restaurant of our hotel since the view is so nice. We were not disappointed. The food was delicious and the environment very relaxing and quiet.

We truly enjoyed relaxing and quiet places, the whole purpose of the vacay was releasing some stress and enjoying long mom-daughter conversations we haven’t had in years.

Little Venice, there are dozens of restaurants to choose from at Little Venice, Old town. We chose …., a big open door restaurant right by the ocean. Big crowds keep walking by and dozens of people stopped right in front of our table to capture the sunset. The area was very loud but dining at Little Venice is definitely a must experience when in Mykonos. The food was awesome and the staff really nice, they thought I was an actress from Hollywood lol! They offered us 3 desserts that mama Carmen devoured.


The very first night we adventured the nightlife in town and got surprised by how many people were walking in the streets of Chora! There are so many small streets with white buildings and colorful doors and lots of souvenir stores, bars, luxury boutiques, cute little restaurants and lots, lots of tourists! Oh! And lots of cats! Such a cool vibe for any age! There were families, couples, groups of friends and kids. Make sure you bring a map with you, it’s easier to get lost as all the little streets are almost identical.

Right by Little Venice, the famous Windmills are always surrounded by tourist trying to get the best shot. They are enormous at a close distance! Definitely stop by if you’re in Mykonos.

At the highest part of the town there’s situated the othodoxian Paraportiani Church, built in 1942, it’s the union of 5 different churches and the architecture didn’t get competed till the 17th Century. The history and the aspect of it was simply mesmerizing. We stopped and admired the Essence of its beauty for almost an hour.


Although I don’t drink alcohol, I wanted to visit the coolest bars and lounges in town!
I found 180 Sunset Bar the best bar with the best sunset view, unique signature cocktails and great lounge music. Another great bar with breathtaking ocean front view is Veranda, located close to Paraportiani Church, in the heart of Chora.

I am sure there are hundreds of cool bars around the Island! We preferred sipping cocktails (analcoholic ones) by the beach where we stayed every day till 7 -8 pm and then get ready and head straight to dinner.


I used to choose my destinations based in the amount of nightclubs and after parties…. But those days are gone! Especially if my other half is not with me.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t check out the most popular nightclub and stopped by the most fun places in Mykonos! We just didn’t stay till the sun came up (like I used to when I was 20…)

The most popular nightclub is Cavo Paradiso, the biggest club in the Island that host super famous Djs from all over the world such as Solomon, Don Diablo and F*ck me I’m Famous. As I mentioned before, the beach to party all day and all night long is Paradise Beach, but you can party also at Tropicana beach and super paradise beach. I personally found the crowd if these last places a little to young, the target age was 17-22 yrs old. I felt old, lol.

Sant’Anna is another beach club that host exclusive beach parties with famous artists, just like Scorpio. For these places I highly recommend to make a reservation and get a table. They are definitely the hippest places to party in Mykonos.

This trip has been an incredible experience, my mom and I had a fantastic time!
The people of the Island are very kind and friendly everywhere we went. I would definitely come back one day.

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide and you find it helpful if you’re planning greek holidays!

Have a wonderful day!
Xo, Naty


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