Travel Diaries: Cancun

Hello everyone! Hope you’re good and happy “)
I just recently came back from a vacation in Mexico with my husband and thought of sharing with you my favorite places and things to do when in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

We arrived at the Cancun airport on Thursday morning and drove to our hotel in Tulum, Playa Papaya Project.
The hotel was really cool, it felt like being in the jungle, but Dj and I agreed to drive back to Cancun (another” alt=”” width=”729″ height=”972″ />

Miami International Airport

Lunch at Playa Papaya project , Tulum

Me waiting for a cab to take me to a hotel with a gym and an infinity pool!

Our happy faces when we made it back to Cancun

Beach essentials

The first night we had dinner at a mediterranean restaurant inside the hotel, “Olio”.

Day 2 started pretty good with a front view to the ocean in our private cabana on the beach. All the staff was incredibly nice and helpful.. Lots of them were Dj’s fans so we got extra spoiled everywhere we went.

I have to be honest I usually enjoy soaking up the sun for hours when I’m on vacation, but since I got both my sleeves I can barely stand the sun anymore! It burns so bad! Plus I want to preserve my skin young and elastic for long so I wear 100spf and always choose a spot with some shadow.

Fun fact about me: I’m grossed out/terrified by public pools. I get anxiety when I get in, and I only got in for this photo:

You can see it in my face how uncomfortable I was lol

Sunnies essentials for the tropics.

When I’m on vacation, I usually hit the gym one time, but with this view, I was pretty motivated to go every evening before dinner time:

I can’t tell you how much hubby and I love Mexico. First of all is close, the people are so nice and the food is amazing! Lots of nightlife and daily activities from water sports to excursion. It’s our 3rd time here..

Anorsion on our own to Xcaret, in playa de Carmen. You can decide to leave with a group early in the morning but we’re not morning people, especially on vacation! We got a cab at around 11.30am and drove for 40 min to Playa Del Carmen. We were going to stay with a Luxury Hotel Brand in Playa Del Carmen but we decided to go for a day trip instead. If we visited again, we would definitely stay in Playa Del Carmen though – it’s beautiful!

We had so much fun, but it was a long day! We swam in the river (cold af) and ended in a cave full of bats!

Our view from the xxl balcony

On day 5, we rented a private boat to explore the ocean and do some snorkelling.

Boat life

In my element

Some SPA time before the last seafood feast

Our last dinner took place at Lorenzillo’s, a restaurant on the main avenue that has an awesome friend, a crocodrile!!!

The food was simply amazing.

Last not so- fun fact of this trip..
Our flight from Miami to Las Vegas got cancelled due to weather conditions, which led us to wait for over 9hrs in Miami!
That’s more frustating than public pools yucccck!!!! We arrived home at 2 am. Emilio, my pug, made me forget the exahusting traveling day in 2 seconds.


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