The Secrets Of Instagram’s Biggest Stars

Who knew that one day, we would be able to make a full-time living from just sharing pictures of our lives? That’s the case with Instagram these days – influencers team up with various brands and companies to share their products and in doing so are able to make a very lucrative salary indeed.
Even when they don’t partner up with brands, all the likes and instagram followers that they have mean that their regular unsponsored images are still profitable. It must be very exciting to have a huge following online. Although a lot of influencers have managed to grow their followings over years of posting and hard graft, it is interesting to know that there are Instagram growth services out there that can help influencers and businesses to build a following more quickly. You can learn more about some of these types of social media marketing tools by checking out this simple guide:

But what is life really like as an Instagram star? Is it really that easy to go from a being just a regular user to an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers? Not always! But that doesn’t mean that it is not achievable. For a start, you could go to find out how to gain more followers quickly. This could also help you get more likes and comments on your posts. That is not all though. It may take more time than it would for any celebrity with a larger following, but with the help of companies like NGP Integrated Marketing Communications, you’ll eventually be able to achieve your social media goals. Maybe start a little smaller at first before you start aiming for the amount of followers Kim Kardashian has. Actually, these following secrets from Instagram’s biggest starts will show you that it isn’t quite as glamorous as you might think.

They Don’t Just Use Their Phone Camera

Instagram influencers have invested a lot of money into their modern career. In fact, there are a lot of expenses that they need to spend money on to help them increase their following and influence. For example, hardly any influencer will take their Instagram pictures on their smartphones. Instead, they will use a DSLR camera. And that is how they make all of their images look so professional – it isn’t always a filter!

The Photos Aren’t All What They Seem

And the photos that they upload for you all to see aren’t what they looked like when they were first taken either. Believe me, Instagram influencers use a lot of photo editing software and techniques! They will airbrush their photos and add a filter so that the images make them look as good as possible.

There’s Lots Of Beauty Treatments Behind The Scenes

One other way Instagrammers ensure that they look perfect in every photo is by taking care of themselves with plenty of beauty treatments. I bet most of them spend their weekends at James Christian Cosmetics getting various beauty treatments done. Once they’ve been given super soft skin, they’ll head to their hairdresser to get beautiful locks ready for their shoot!

It Can Take Forever To Get The Perfect Shot

Even though the majority of photos on Instagram look very candid, they can often be anything but.
In fact, it can often take Instagram influencers a good few shots before they get the perfect photo.
Most of them will focus on one photo for the whole day if it took them that long to get it right!

They’re Not As Rich As You Might Think

Currently, most people believe that becoming a star on Instagram is a bit of a get rich quick scheme. However, that really isn’t the case. It can take a long time trying to build up your followers before you are able to land your first paid sponsored post or brand partnership.
You might be surprised to hear that even people with other ten thousand followers won’t be earning enough to make a full-time living from their Insta!

So, has that taken the shine off trying to become an Instagram star?


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