The Dos and Don’t of Female Haircare

Looking after your hair is very important as it’s a key aspect of who you are. If your hair starts to thin or recede, it weighs on your self-confidence. We all want thick hair that flows to our shoulders and can be styled however we wish. To achieve this, you need to look after your hair as much as possible! 

Today, you’ll see some dos and don’ts of female haircare. You’ll learn what you should and shouldn’t do to achieve healthy hair long into your golden years. 

Do: Use minimal chemicals on your hair

Avoid using products that contain lots of harsh chemicals as this will damage your hair. Some shampoo and conditioner actually contain ingredients that will make your hair feel like straw. Not to mention the fact that they damage your scalp, leading to hair loss. The same goes for products that will dye your hair a different colour. Ideally, you should avoid dying your hair as much as possible because it will deteriorate quickly!

The best approach is to find natural products with organic ingredients. As a general rule, the shorter the ingredients list, the better the product will be for your hair. Keep the chemicals at bay, and you will see improvements in your hair health. 

Don’t: Go crazy with your brush

Obviously, you need to brush your hair to stop knots from forming. However, you shouldn’t go crazy with your brush and rip through your hair. You’ve all seen some girls go a bit mad with their brushing technique – it almost looks like they’re trying to tear their hair from their scalp. Brush lightly, slowly working out any knots as you go along. 


To be honest, the best approach is to brush more frequently throughout the day. This prevents knots from forming and getting too tight! Many people are forced to brush heavily because it’s the only way to get rid of stubborn knots that formed over a few days!

Do: Consider taking vitamins

Vitamin supplements can be hugely beneficial for your hair. Things like biotin have long been associated with improving hair health and thickness. You can get the supplements on their own, or you can find products that are infused with them. Generally, it’s agreed that vitamins A, C and D are essential for healthy hair formation and growth. So, start adding these to your life if you want to take better care of your hair. 


Of course, you don’t actually need to take any of these supplements if you don’t want to. Instead, you can make dietary and lifestyle changes that ensure you naturally get more of them. The choice is yours, just be sure you get high-quality supplements from a trusted brand if you choose to take them. 

Don’t: Take medication without consulting a doctor

Women can suffer from many hair problems that lead to hair loss or baldness. It can sometimes be a hormonal thing, while other times it’s hereditary or caused by environmental factors. In any case, you want to delay the hair loss or reverse it as much as possible. This will push you towards taking some type of medication to treat the problem. In most instances, women shouldn’t be taking any hair loss medication. Most hair loss treatment is formulated for men, particularly where medication is concerned. One of the most common drugs – finasteride – is specifically made for men. Women are actively told not to take it! 


Could there be some medication to treat hair problems for women? It’s possible, but you should only ever use them after consulting a doctor. Be sure you absolutely need to take the medication before you start consuming it. 

Do: Go easy on the heat treatments

Heat is not a good thing for your hair, and you should protect it as much as possible. When it’s sunny, think about staying in the shade or wearing a hat to block out the rays. Too much heat will make your hair very brittle and give it that straw-like texture. Nevertheless, there are times where you need some sort of heat treatment for your hair. A few that come to mind include using the hairdryer, straightening or curling your hair. 

Ideally, you should go easy on the heat treatments and use them sparingly. Try to wash your hair when you’re not in a rush, so it can dry naturally in a towel. If you do use a dryer, turn it to the lowest heat setting possible. In all honesty, it’s mind-boggling how hot some hairdryer settings are. Why? What’s the point? Excessive exposure to heat will damage your hair! The same goes for straightening or curling your hair – try to do it in moderation. When you do it, use a heat protection spray or product to minimise the damage. 

Don’t: Keep your hair tied back too tightly

Remember how I said that hair loss is caused by environmental factors? One of those factors is the way you style your hair. Many of you will tie it back in a ponytail or bun. This is fine, but you shouldn’t do it all the time as it can cause your hairline to recede! Tying your hair back too tightly will pull it away from the hairline and almost encourage it to recede backwards. 


A good rule of thumb is to keep your hair down when you’re home alone. If you don’t need your hair to be up, then don’t put it in that position! So many girls end up with receding hairlines in their twenties because of years of tight ponytails pulling their hair back towards their scalp. 

There you go; the dos and don’ts of female haircare. You should find a whole host of important tips and advice on how to take better care of your hair. From here, you’ll have healthy locks that feel thick and luxurious throughout your life. In turn, this can boost your confidence as you love the way your hair looks and feels. The best thing is, none of these tips is particularly difficult to follow!


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