Tail Bone Trauma: Healing A Fragile And Peculiar Bone

Landing on your tailbone or having it hit really hard, can cause very disturbing pain. It can make the simplest of things, sitting, a chore to do. No matter how many cushions you sit on, the pain of an injured tailbone can cause immense annoyance and grievance. The tailbone is located right at the base of our pelvis. It’s a very hard bone to injure because it is surrounded by very large and powerful muscles. The glutes, hamstrings and lumbar back muscles all prevent the tailbone from being exposed but on rare occasions, your tailbone can be injured due to blunt force trauma, compression injuries and misalignment pain. Here’s how you can deal with the trauma, pain and heal.





The injury type


If you have a bruise it can last for about 4-6 weeks, depending on how bad it is. If you have a fracture, this can last about 12-16 weeks, also depending on the severity of the fracture. If you have a bruise, this can cause the bone to become a little soft and more prone to misalignment. So don’t think just because you have a bruise, it will heal much quicker than you expect a fracture to heal. The point is to not make it any worse by flaring it up. So, have the mindset that you have a hairline fracture and use cushions to sit down, try to sit straight without leaning on one side of your rear end and try to not compress your back. 




Take time off

When you have a tailbone injury, sitting and even standing can be a pain. The tailbone is at the base of the pelvis, at the bottom of the spine. So it essentially holds up our backbone too. Taking time off work can be annoying or even harmful to our mental health, so speak with highly experienced personal injury attorneys who can fight for your compensation. This will help pay for your medical bills, money lost from not going to work and also, for your long term healthcare needs should you suffer chronic pain. 


Early healing

For early healing practice, make sure you are icing the tailbone. This literally means you need to sit on an ice bucket or ice pack. The icing should not go one for longer than 20 minutes or so. Make sure that you only do this for about 3-4 hours. Relentlessly icing the tailbone will prevent the pain from getting worse but it won’t necessarily help with healing. You’re bringing fresh new blood with new white blood cells to the area but continually icing means you’re moving the blood away again.

Try to avoid sitting if you can. You may need to sit at your desk at work for hours. But inform your employer of your injury and ask for a standing desk. At the very least, bring some cushions to sit on. Using a water cushion or gel cushion is a great idea.

When sleeping, make sure to not sleep on your back or with elevated legs. Sleep on your stomach if you can or on your side. Place a cushion between your legs to elevate your hips into alignment. 


Things to avoid

To make the healing process simpler and quicker, here are some things to avoid doing.


  • Intercourse causes more pain and could also cause misalignment of the tailbone which is already fragile.
  • Try not to eat spicy food. Irregular bowel movements radiant down into the tailbone when constipating, causing pain.
  • Try not to do stretches of the lower body.
  • Do not sit for long periods of time. In fact, avoid sitting at all on hard surfaces. 
  • Try not to play sports where your pelvis is suddenly and forcefully shifted, so avoid contact sports.
  • Avoid workouts for your abs. These often involve the lower back as well, i.e. knee raises, heel grabs, etc. 
  • Don’t move your legs too rapidly, so avoid running and hiking. Try to stay on a level surface whereby your pelvis is not shocked with foot impacts.
  • Avoid lumbar spine stretches, as these pull the tailbone downward, away from the ligaments and muscles that support it.

The tailbone is such a small but very sensitive bone that helps us do all the things we take for granted. Hopefully now you understand how to help your injured tailbone heal, avoid doing some of the things that would prolong recovery and save yourself from unwarranted pain during the process. 


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