Summer skincare tips you should swear by

We all love summer and we all want to look our best, so taking care of our skin is essential. While it’s tempting to lie in the sun for long periods of time to achieve the perfect golden tan, a high amount of sun exposure might cause an aging effect or damage as UV rays can weaken the elasticity of the skin and lead to painful sunburn.

It’s essential that you care for your skin this summer with a few easy-to-follow tips that can help protect skin against the sun and maintain its radiance all season long. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few different things you can do when the temperature rises.

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Ditch the heavy makeup

Rather than packing on eye and face makeup this summer, try using creamy Vaseline for a natural shine on your cheeks, nose, and around the eyes. Your skin will thank you for not clogging it with heavy foundation and blusher. If you think this sounds like a great tip, but are still wondering is petroleum jelly bad for you?’ then you can rest easy its triple purified formula is non-irritating and hypoallergenic. No wonder it’s backed by dermatologists.

Cleanse skin at night

If you’ve spent the day at the beach, then your skin may have already benefited from the salty sea water it’s believed to be a miracle treatment for acne. That doesn’t mean you can neglect your usual cleansing routine though. Get into the habit of removing all makeup, sweat, and dirt from skin before you go to bed. This can help prevent pores from getting clogged, and leave you fresh-faced in the morning. KollectionK Malaysia features some products that can cleanse your skin, supporting you in your regular skin routine.

Maintain the moisture

Dryness is something we all battle with in the warmer months, so it’s imperative to follow a thorough moisturizing regime. Petroleum jelly works really well in the fight against dryness, not only soothing but also providing a barrier that seals in added moisture. If you’ve heard people ask: is petroleum jelly bad for you’ or is petroleum jelly toxic’ then you might be pleased to hear it’s totally safe and good for skin. It’s also very versatile a little dab under your eyes each morning can actually help reduce the appearance of heavy bags. Win-win!

Always wear sunscreen

It’s vital to stay safe and keep your skin healthy by protecting it from the sun. That means always wearing sunscreen. Choose a moisturizer with SPF as part of your daily skincare regime and apply a strong sunscreen on hot days where you’re likely to be outside more. When buying sunscreen, look for a high SPF that has both UVA and UVB protection and a strong star rating. Remember that sweat and water can rinse off the cream and limit your protection, so reapply it regularly and especially after swimming or exercise.

With these summer skincare tips, we’re sure your summer will be one to remember for all the right reasons. Grab your sunscreen and a moisturizer like petroleum jelly and enjoy the sunshine responsibly your skin will thank you for it.

Author:Joana Teixeira


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