Simple Ways To Meal Prep This Week

One of the most effective ways many of us can stay healthy and fit in the summer time is by controlling our diet. Diet is the main thing that contributes to our health and fitness, and today we want to talk specifically about meal prepping and what it can do for you.

Meal prepping is all about getting meals ready days in advance to take the stress off you when cooking in the evenings or eating at work. It is a great way to use healthy ingredients and stop you reaching for a takeaway menu if you don’t have the energy to cook. Moreover, you could also utilize meal prep delivery services such as Key to Food, which are available to cater to all dietary requirements, including Keto. If you are interested in knowing more about such healthy meal delivery, then you can find out more here.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the best tips for meal prepping you can try this week.

Roast loads of vegetables

One of the best ways you can fuel yourself if you are trying to make a positive change with a gym such as Fitness 19 is vegetables. Vegetables will give you all of the nutrients you need for the day as well as providing you with lots of slow release carbs for a good workout. When you buy vegetables such as butternut squash, courgette, potato, sweet potato, carrot and pepper – roast them all in a tray and leave them in tubs to reheat and use throughout the week.

You can create a lovely warming roasted vegetable risotto, gluten free vegetable pasta, and even vegetable soup by blending up all of your goodies.

Plan out your protein sources

Chicken, chickpeas, beef, turkey, fish… which protein source are you going to make this week? Make sure to try and spread out your protein sources throughout the week – eating fish at least once a week and using some days for veggies. It is so important to invest in your protein sources as this will fuel the body and help to repair your muscles and joints after working out in the gym.

Prepare fruit in the fridge

One of the best ways you can force yourself to eat healthier this week is to have everything ready to go before you get to the fridge. In other words, if you want a quick snack and you don’t want to be constantly washing and chopping fruit – have this all done before you start. By preparing fruit ahead of time and putting it in a bowl or Tupperware, you’ll have an easy grab and go snack and you won’t be tempted to snack on chocolate.

Create easy to-go meals

When it comes to working with meal prep – salmon rice and veggies might not be practical. If your office doesn’t have a microwave to heat things up you’ll need to make sandwiches and wraps instead. Try a simple chicken tikka and salad wrap, a green sandwich packed with spinach and avocado – and get creative with your lunches. There are plenty of easy and healthy sandwiches and wraps out there to try.

Make your life easier this week and meal prep your meals. It will make you healthier, save you time, and taste delicious!


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