Polishing Off Your Look In Style: The Key To Artistic Accessorizing

Most of us feel more confident when we’ve put together a great outfit. Feeling good isn’t just about choosing an ensemble. It’s also about learning how to use clothing and accessories to celebrate your unique style and portray your personality. If you’re shopping for the new season, or you’re looking for inspiration to add finesse and versatility to your capsule wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to help you learn the art of accessorizing.

Putting your stamp on an outfit

Accessorizing is brilliant for so many reasons. One of the best things about buying accessories is that it gives you the chance to put your own stamp on a look. You could be wearing the most classic outfit in the world, but you can alter the aesthetic and celebrate your individual style by adding some finishing touches. Think about how you could style the most timeless piece in any collection, the LBD. Add a pair of stilettos, a simple pair of teardrop earrings and a patent clutch for a chic evening look or go for a pair of backless mules, a mini backpack and a chunky yellow gold watch for a cooler, more casual vibe. Use accessories to add a touch of flair and creativity, and put your personality across.


Trends vs. timeless staples

In the world of fashion, you have items that come and go and those that stand the test of time. Bear this in mind when you’re shopping for accessories. By all means, take inspiration from celebrity engagement trends when looking around for engagement or wedding rings, but understand that what’s hot now may not be fashionable in a year’s time. Think about how you plan to use your accessories, and whether you want them to embrace new and emerging trends, or you’re keen to make a long-term investment. There are some items in your wardrobe that you probably wear day in, day out, and others that get an outing once or twice a year. The same is probably true for your collection of jewels, hats, shoes, and bags. There’s a difference between shopping for a bag that is reminiscent of the must-have designer purse of the season and looking for a bag you can use for years to come. If you have a blend of timeless staples and on-trend pieces, this will give you the best of both worlds.



Colors and prints

Adding accessories to an outfit is a fantastic way of introducing colors and prints. You can take a basic outfit hanging on a rail and elevate it from dull to dazzling with a couple of accessories. Consider a splash of bright orange with a colored clutch or a statement pair of heeled sandals to dress up a plain black or white dress for a summer wedding or a garden party, or a hint of animal print with a patterned pair of trainers or a hair scarf to lift a pair of vintage ripped denim shorts and a plain white tee for a festival.

If you love to create unique outfits, or you’re looking for ways to add a little more interest or excitement to your capsule wardrobe, why not embrace the art of accessorizing?



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