Plants you can grow at home to make skincare products


If you love cosmetics and skincare products, you've probably caught yourself once twice or three times overwhelmed by the prices of good quality skincare items. 

Some of the beauty items we buy are ridiculously expensive but work amazingly well. And you can't afford to skimp on your skincare because IT MATTERS! So how can you save on your skincare products and keep looking great? Here is a solution. Go green! Everyone is!  

By 'go green', we mean try organic skincare solutions. A great place to start is by using plants at home to make your own skincare products. There are a couple of advantages to this:

  •  Plant extracts in their pure form are gentler on the skin than some of the harsh synthetic products we buy for our skin
  •  You can save a lot of money by growing the plants that you need to use for your beauty regimen in your home instead of buying products that are expensive and use the same extracts as key ingredients in their formula.

You may be into the idea of using plant extracts in your beauty regimen but have no idea which ones. Well, here are a few plants you should grow in your beauty care garden.

1.  Aloe vera


We've all heard of the potent Aloe Vera and how great it is for the skin. It has moisturizing properties, can reduce inflammation, and is excellent for healing burns and skin injuries like cuts. 

To take advantage of the powerful properties of Aloe Vera, you only need to scoop out the gel from one of its succulent leaves. These plants are easy to grow indoors in a pot and require little care to thrive. They also come in several varieties, some of which are beautiful and will brighten up any home.

2. Green tea


Green tea, also known as Camellia Sinensis, is another powerful plant you should grow in your home for skincare purposes. Green tea contains lots of antioxidants that our skin requires to slow down aging. It is also anti-inflammatory and can fight bacterial infections on the skin.  

Before you ask whether you can nurture a tea plant in your home. You can. Just follow these instructions, and your green tea plant will thrive. Once it is grown, you can use the infusion from the fresh green tea leaves to make a face mask, or tone your skin. Try it and see how it goes!

3. Lavender

You can make your house smell fragrant with lavender plants and use them to make skincare products. Lavender is easy to grow in the house, just outside your door, or on a window sill.

Extracts from lavender flowers are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. You can use them to heal skin that has been ravaged by harsh skincare products or as a skin toner. 

Apart from skincare, you can also use Lavender as a sleep tonic. Cut off a few flowers and place them in or under your pillow. The fragrance will lull you to a night of great beauty sleep.

4. Roses

Speaking of beautifying flowers that you can also use for skincare, here come roses. You've probably heard of rose water. It is gentle on skin, a great moisturizer, and can reduce inflammation. Many people use rose water as a toner.

If rose water is part of your skincare regimen, why don't you start making yours at home instead of buying some? It's easy to make rose water by heating the petals of roses on low heat in water until they lose their color. Let the liquid cool, strain it, and keep it in a sterilized container in your fridge for your home skin care regimen.  

FYI,  a rose plant will thrive in a window sill or sunny area of your home. Ideally, miniature roses are best for growing indoors, although they need a space where they can get lots of light and warmth. Sometimes, when growing roses, you may get pests that you can deal with by using home care pest solutions or consulting a pest elimination expert

Water your rose plant regularly, fertilize it when necessary, and you will have a thriving rose plant that not only beautifies your home but provides you with organic flower extract material for your skincare. 

5. Witch hazel

Last but not least, we have witch hazel. It grows into an attractive shrub and can thrive with minimal care. However, it grows to a big size, so you would rather have it in your outdoor garden than indoors. 

Witch hazel produces fragrant, colorful flowers and comes in several varieties. Using these instructions, you can have a thriving witch hazel plant growing in your yard or outdoor garden in 2 years. It sounds like a long time, but considering how excellent witch hazel is for skin - it's worth the wait. You can use the extracts from witch hazel as a toner or to soothe inflamed parts of your skin. It is also an excellent remedy for problem skin.


These are five plants you can grow in your home to make skincare products. Try them and see how well it goes. Gardening for skincare can be a great hobby, and once you have these plants, they will keep providing you with extracts for your skincare regimen for years. It's worth the trouble!


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