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Ciao amici miei! Greetings from Italy!
How was your Memorial weekend? Did you spend it with family?
Here in Italy nobody mentions anything about it… So crazy!

I spent the weekend flying here and if you follow me on snapchat you probably know that I left my phone in a bathroom in London! What a dummy!
I remembered where it was when I was already boarding so there was no turning back.
I haven’t had a phone since then because hubby is bringing me one from the US..

I got to say… It’s been peaceful staying away from social media for a couple of days.. I’ve been enjoying every single moment with my mom and my step dad even tho the weather has been terrible the whole time!
Funny fact: I miss the burning desert heat of Vegas lol!!!
I also miss my fury kids so bad! Especially Emilio.. Next time he’s coming!!!
I haven’t been able to sleep at all (7 hrs of jet lag can be a bitch), I don’t close my eyes till 4 am and at 7 am I’m heading to the kitchen like a zombie to look for food! (it would be a midnight snack in Vegas lol).
If I don’t get some good sleep soon I’m gonna turn into a psychopath lol!

Who’s coming to the Gods of Metal in Monza on Thursday?! I hope to meet you there”)
So excited to see my husband tomorrow and go on tour around Europe for some days…
Are you going to any SixxAM dates?
I will be snap chatting a lot.. especially cuz I’ll finally have a phone again lol!!!

As you know, I’m always searching for trends and cool brands that offer fashion and quality without breaking the bank to share with you..
Well, I recently discovered TOBI, an online fashion store that offers multiple fashion brands along the the brand Tobi, and I love it! I am sure if you take a look at it you would agree with me!
I was so glad I found it before leaving the Country as I’ll be rocking the outfits I got at shows and events around Europe! Also, new customers get 50% off their first order!
Here below you’ll find the 3 outfits I ordered fro their website:

This outfit is perfect for a date night with hubby and why not, for a red carpet as well!
It’s very sexy but classy at the same time. Although my husband said my shoes looked like they should on a porn video, he was very complimentary of my look! Any type of pumps, even colored, would match the dress. You could get away with lots of designs if needed.
Tuxedo dress: TOBI Purse: Chanel

This second outfit is fresh, girly and super chic!
You can wear some pumps and a hat to create a boho vibe, or rock it with some booties and a leather jacket to style it a little more aggressive:
Romper: TOBI – use the code SPARK50 and you pay it only 21$!
Shoes: Louboutin

This last outfit is my favorite!
This season I’ve been obsessed with military and olive colors so when I saw this romper I immediately ordered it, super comfy, casual and sexy!
You can decide to wear it with sneakers and a baseball cap for a daily casual look or style it with boots and a leather jacket for a total rock vibe.
Romper: TOBI Boots: Aldo

The fun part of fashion is that you can dare, dare to show your personality, dare to create your own style!
I love dressing very edgy and rock sometimes, in other occasions I enjoy dressing up and feeling extremely sensual and most of the time, I love styling sporty-casual outfits, as comfort is my main priority.
(It’s been recently discovered that 80% of the times women are irritable is because they’re wearing uncomfortable shoes! Gloria from Modern Family confirmed it”)


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