Our trip to California ❤️

What’s up beautiful people! Happy Friday! It’s been a wonderful week for me.. Nothing brings me more joy than spending time with my beloved family ❤️ On Sunday morning we jumped in the car and I drove all the way to Los Angeles. We arrived at around noon and immediately went to see Hollywood Boulevard! I know for many people is not a big deal but for those who come from another Country it’s a…

How to treat Dandruff!

What’s up beautiful people..  Welcome back to my blog! As you can read from the title of this post, today I want to focus on an uncomfortable problem that hits 50% of the world’s population. It’s a very common condition and most of the affected ones never treat it properly so they carry it their whole life. Do you deal with temporary dandruff, severe dandruff, itching or irritable scalp? If you have any of these…

My Fit Secret!

Hello gorgeous people! Hope you’re doing great! How many of you struggle with extra weight? And how may of you don’t have time to always prepare a healthy meal with all the nutrients and vitamins our body needs?  ME!