Packing A Picnic For An Outdoor Concert

Summer is in full swing and there is nothing better than being able to go out and enjoy new activities with the people you love. A lot of the time during the summer months, large parks will offer outdoor cinema experiences or concerts for people to enjoy. You can pay for entry, grab a seat on the grass and bring your own food and drink for the show. If you are planning to go to an outdoor concert this year here are some things you need to pack with you.


Make sure if you have hay fever, you need tinnitus treatment, or you have reactions to mosquito bites that you bring along some medicine. A small first aid kit will do and it will ensure that everyone can enjoy the evening and stay healthy. It’s very likely that there will be medical professionals at the venue which have some sort of Vaughan CPR training, just in case any serious medical scenarios arise so there’s no need to overpack the medical supplies.


The easiest food to add to a picnic is a couple of sandwiches. They don’t make a mess, they are easy to eat and they are a winner with pretty much everyone. Think about making some classic such as ham or chicken salad and this should please pretty much everyone who comes with you. You can also make a roasted veg and hummus option if you have any vegans or veggies in your family.

Wet Wipes

There is nothing worse than having dirty hands in the middle of a park and not having anywhere to wipe them. Make sure that you bring along some wet wipes with you in your picnic basket and this can make a big difference to your afternoon!

Paper Plates

To make things easier for everyone on the day, you can bring along some disposable plates with you so that you can all enjoy your food and not leave a mess in the middle of your picnic blanket. Plus, you can throw the plates away right after so you won’t need to do any washing up when you get home!

Serving tongs

If you have salads or snacks to serve for your picnic, you will want to bring along something to serve them with. Tongs are incredibly helpful, and this can make a huge difference to the ease of your picnic.

Drinks and plastic glasses

For a treat while you are watching your favourite artist perform, you can bring along either some alcoholic or non alcoholic tipples for the evening. You could drink beer out of the bottle or bring along some wine and use disposable glasses to drink them with for the evening. Make sure beforehand that you are allowed to bring alcohol into the park!

Trash bag

For the sake of being a polite citizen, always bring along a trash bag with you when you go for a picnic. The venue you go to will always have buns, however you won’t want to be trekking up and down all evening getting rid of your rubbish. Place everything in a bin bag and then afterwards you can throw it in the bin on site and go home without anything to wash or throw out!


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