One of my favorite places in Las Vegas…

Hello there! Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?I love Vegas for many reasons but mainly because you can have unforgettable experiences like nowhere else!
If you follow me, you’d know I am OBSESSED with firearms and tactical training..
Well, last Thursday I had the opportunity to experience one of the rad shooting packages that The Range 702 offers here in Vegas.
I can’t tell you how much fun I had! If only I had gone online to first, I could have got myself some awesome shooting glasses!
They offer 8 different packages of different prices and offer a large and exclusive variety of handguns and machine guns!
I tried the “BLACK OPS”, a package that allows you to shoot an MP5, the M4, the SAWM249 and a glock.

I arrived to The Range at 10.30, although I was running late there was no traffic so I made it in time.
This gun range is well positioned, only 5 min away from the strip, and 5 minutes away from the residential community where I live, Southern Highlands.
(Winning for me lol).
When I entered, I couldn’t believe the variety of firearms that they have for sale!
Now I know where to shop for my husband’s birthday lol! They were really helpful and they even showed me a thermal imager buyer’s guide which may come in handy in the future.
It’s huge and has 16 shooting lanes!
I also had a delicious coffee at their cafeteria while waiting to meet Lisa, the marketing manage of the range.

The staff is amazing, everybody is super efficient and tries to help you in anything you need.
They definitely cooperate to make this experience unforgettable!
Lisa gave me a tour of the range and reserved for me the VIP room, which is a beautiful private room to hang out with friends and family while getting ready to start shooting.
It also includes a private range of 4 lanes with shooting targets.
Definitely a must for only 50$ per hour.
It was so exciting for me to be there, that I’m now contemplating looking up the best concealed carry handgun and getting a proper license so that I can practice often and improve my shooting skills! There’s definitely a kind of thrill to shooting that is so instinctual and raw, it feels amazing.

By 11 AM, I was ready to shoot.
Joe assisted me through the whole experience, he was really nice and a little surprised of my shooting skills!

I had my gorgeous girlfriend Jamie stopping by to shoot some stuff too!
We had HUGE projects together.. stay tuned for more news soon “)

I can’t tell you how powerful it feels when shooting the SAW M249..
It looks like the whole room is going to explode!!!
I don’t think I have a bigger passion than shooting and firearms.
I am a firm believer in self protection, the world is going crazy, humanity is going crazy. And so I am also happy that several states including Nevada ( give its citizens the freedom to own and hold firearms as long as they’ve got the proper training for it. People should be allowed to protect themselves. Shooting is also a sport! They have many categories in the Olympic games!
I will start training to compete, reason why I am so happy I got to know this range..
?#1 in Vegas!!!
They’re located in 5999 Dean Martin Dr, and they’re open 7 days a week!

Mama Carmen came with me was shocked but excited to hold a machine gun!

I’ve been in many gun ranges in Vegas and experienced different packages…
The range 702 is the most kickass in all Nevada!

Special thanks to Lisa for giving me this opportunity of reviewing the BLACK OPS package!
You’ll see me very often there now “)

Have you ever shot a firearm? Would you like to have that experience?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!Have a great week my friends!


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