One day in Venice, Italy

Hello beautiful people!
How are you doing?
Today it’s the first day of summer!
The weather in Europe has been super bipolar lol… some days very hot and humid, others chilly and rainy!
So far I’ve been having a great time!
Today I’m sharing with you some memories of my trip to Venice with my mom..
We left in a Frecciarossa train (3 hrs) and then took a taxi boat to get to piazza San Marco.
Every single angle of Venice is breathtaking! I don’t have many pictures because I snapchatted the whole time! Follow me to ┬ánot miss my adventures in Europe and soon in Antigua! (NATYASHBA)Do you have any cool plans for this summer?
Next week I’ll be back in Italy with hubby.. I’ll bring him to Florence, Gardaland, maybe Rome and last but not least, Trento, my hometown.

Talk to you soon love bugs!
xo, Naty

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