Need a gift idea?

Hello my beautiful friends.. Happy Sunday!
I hope you’re safe and doing good.
It’s getting chilly in Vegas.. In fact, I’m freezing at night!!!On chilly nights, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting cozy in the couch surfing in the internet and shopping online..
Well.. recently I discovered a fabulous website where you can shop their products, personalize gifts, create customized items, become an associate and even join them as a designer!

Are you curious…?

The website I’m talking about is
There, you can find the cutest present ideas and give free imagination to your creativity.
You can create ANYTHING you want! I’m serious!!
You could even start a small business bringing to life your creations by designing a tee, a mug or even a bag!

The first thing that went in my card is this ADORABLE pillow! So cute!
Emilio at first barked at it thinking it was another dog.. And even I sometimes look at it and freak out!! Find it here
I IMMEDIATELY fell in love when I saw the pug themed blanket.. Simply amazing!
You know, I’m a pug lover, anything with a pug on it need to be mine!!


The blanket was a present for Emilio.. As you can see, he loves it!
Get it here!

Isn’t Emilio adorable??? I can’t get enough of him!

Check out Zazzle and let me know if you liked it!
You know I always share everything cool with you and this website is seriously rad!!I wish you a fabulous week my loves!
Much love,

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