Most Common Symptoms of Depression

Has a person close to you changed drastically? Such changes can be a sign of depression because most people have different ways of dealing with this condition. To help such a person, you need to know the signs to look out for in case you want to know whether the person is depressed.

Becoming Irresponsible

If a loved one or a friend becomes irregularly irresponsible within a short time, there is a high likelihood that the person is suffering from depression. Some of the everyday acts of irresponsibility include drinking too much and getting late for appointments. Such a person indirectly tries to tell those close to him or her that they do not care much about life.

The ideal way of helping such a person is talking to them and finding out what is actually bothering them. You might be unable to talk to the affected person directly because some topics are hard to talk about. Look for a person who can get the attention of the depressed person without making the discussion sound awkward. A simple online mindfulness therapy could help too. Having a third person to talk to, especially one that has no connections to their life and is actually sworn to secrecy, can sometimes give the person concerned a fresh perspective that might help them.

Becoming Anti-Social

Depressed people usually like being left alone and staying away from other people. You might notice that your friend or relative is no longer interested in going out or meeting with other friends. This is especially if such a person is usually known to be a fun and outgoing person.

When you notice that a loved one prefers to remain alone, you should get concerned and get them the help they need. This includes your children who might no longer want to go out and play with other kids or even socialize with their siblings. You can suggest fun stuff such as going on a holiday to try and cheer the depressed person up.


It is common for depressed people to deal with their stress through overeating. Such people subconsciously deviate from their regular eating patterns because they are too stressed to effectively control their actions. They no longer avoid foods they know can negatively affect their bodies, such as soft drinks and junk foods.

Majority of the people who overeat as a way of dealing with depression mainly prefer their favorite foods. You might not be able to stop such a person from overeating, but you can always help by trying to tackle the underlying problem causing depression.

Losing Concentration Easily

A depressed person is likely to lose concentration within a short time, mainly because of having too many thoughts. You might have to call a depressed person several times before they can notice that you are trying to speak to them. This can be a hearing problem or a sign of depression.

The ideal way of helping such a person is taking them for a check-up to establish whether they have a hearing problem. A check-up also allows you to learn more about items such as plugs and earmuffs, which help people with hearing issues. This will rule out a hearing problem, therefore leaving depression as the primary cause of poor hearing and concentration loss.

Lack of Sleep

A depressed person might wake up several times a night because of having nightmares. It is common for a depressed person to think and dream about what is in his or her mind. Such dreams will most likely be scary and will deprive the particular person of sleep.

If a close person is having sleeping problems, you should try to help by getting them sleeping aids. These can be in the form of prescription sleeping pills or using homemade sleeping remedies. People could even buy CBD Canada to try and get to sleep. Many people find that the effects of cannabis help people to relax comfortably, encouraging them to fall asleep. Especially for those who are insomniac, it may help get a better night’s sleep.To try this method, people would just need to visit Amuse, for example, to get a cannabis delivery.

Becoming Violent

There are many cases of depressed people who are usually friendly and calm, becoming violent all over a sudden. This mainly happens because depressed people get angry out of minor things. Being violent may also involve the use of vulgar language and cursing.

When you notice that a loved one has become more violent, you should avoid interactions that might result in arguments or violence. You should also avoid getting angry even if the depressed person does or says a negative thing. Instead, you could try telling them to get help from a professional or recommend them CBD products such as mango haze strain which could help uplift their mood.

You might not be able to fully help a depressed person, especially if the person has major life setbacks such as losing a loved one. But knowing the signs that show a person is depressed enables you to offer the little help you can before it is too late.


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