Milan Fashion Week SS20

Pumpkin carvings, pumpkins lattes, and pumpkin-flavored candles. Those are the three things I’m craving right now as I write this blog post in the air on my way to Vegas.

September is almost over and the Fall season has started quite a bit ago. But I have been traveling so much this month that I have not been able to get in the harvest mood yet!

If you follow me on Instagram  (@natyashba), you already know that I was in Milan for Fashion Week. Fashion is my passion, not only my job. Therefore, anything related makes me extremely excited and I always try to attend every fashion event or runway show I get invited to. I love the creativity, the innovation, and evolution of every season. Fashion to me is also a way of self-expression, self-confidence and much much more. It’s part of our identity, and it doesn’t have to be taken too seriously!

Outfit: Jing Shoes and Purse: Dior Sunglasses: Quay

The energy and networking during fashion weeks are thrilling. I always get to meet new cool people, from influencers to pr managers, to CEO’s of major designer brands, you can always learn something new from each one of them.

I arrived in Milan on Sep 19, after a whole week in Ibiza celebrating with my husband our 6th Wedding anniversary.

During Fashion week days start very early, especially if you have a 9hr jet lag on you. I probably slept 3-4 hrs a night.

By 7 am I was already thinking about breakfast. Every morning I chose what outfit I was going to wear first, including accessories, and what outfits I was going to change through the day in not-so-glamorous toilettes in cafés around the city. 

Blazer: White Fox Shoes: Dior Bag: Chanel

Planning outfits for fashion week is not easy ride. I like preparing them ahead of time at home and pack them in a certain way to remember how to style them. An easier and faster way is taking a photo in front of the mirror, but somewhat I always end up forgetting so that method doesn’t work for me. Once I choose the outfits, I basically walk in my pajamas to the breakfast area for a quick hot tea and some cut fruit. Sometimes if I feel fancy I add eggs.

Time to start the show.

I get ready in about 1 hr usually, then I pack my outfits in my tote Dior bag. You could fit a human in there.

Before I leave the hotel, I always double-check the times and the addresses of every event/show. Many streets in Milan look similar and if you get distracted you can get lost pretty quick! This is the second time my mom comes with me and helps me with any duty I need, but I will be hiring an assistant in the future. There’s just too much to handle while walking and drinking coffee and taking stories and posting photos and looking cute all at the same time. During the first evening in Milan, I fell on my knees in a curb because my hands were full and my shoes too high!


The first presentation of day 1 for me was Casadei. But before, a photoshoot with the outfit walking to the event. Because you don’t spend hours choosing your outfits and getting ready for no reason, you got to capture that look for the gram!!!!

Gladly, I had the opportunity to work with 2 incredible photographers in Milan that made the experience easy and fun. I would say those are the best fashion shots I have ever taken.

During the Casadei presentation, I got to meet the iconic designer and founder of the shoe brand. This latest collection is strongly influenced by African and its folklore. It’s a mix between the colors and joyful African culture and the classic luxury Italian touch.

Each design is highly curated in minimal details and that’s what has made Casadei so successful for decades.

Usually, I attend a presentation for 15-30 minutes. I admire every piece, take some photos of my favorite designs, I greet the pr manager who invited me and network as much as possible with other guests. There are so many different events during fashion week that even minute is important to make it to the next show.

Most of the invites to events and shows are shipped a few days early to your hotel or home address, but many times I have received invites last second. Be prepared to have long days!

My second presentation of the day was Emilio Pucci. For this season Pucci chose bright colors and silky materials. Looks like mixing multiple colors is the new thing!

The last appointment of the day was fitting for the ICEBERG show.

I went to their showroom to choose an outfit to wear during the show, there were so many fun color options but I ended choosing what really fits my style:

Total look: Iceberg

Before heading to dinner, I met some friends at the Bvlgari hotel for the so infamous aperitivo time. It’s a cool vibe and many times you can spot international celebrities and influencers. 

For dinner, mom and I found a traditional Sardinian restaurant in via Sent Andrea 21. I was delighted by their mixed grilled seafood!

Day 2. 

Milan, 7 am.. Breakfast in pajamas.

I had the Blumarine show at 10.30 and couldn’t be more excited. That was my 2nd time attending their show, this time I was front row!

Bluemarine is well known for embracing femininity. This collection did not disappoint. Silky pastels, flowy long dresses, and flowery suits were the main courses.

Right after the show, I set up a 50’ inspired photoshoot with Ignazio, to then run to the hotel to get ready for the iceberg show. 

Blazer: Jing

No time for lunch because LA PERLA presentation was about to end and I needed to change before getting there.

Blazer: Kookai Boots: Windsorsmith Bag: Chanel

La Perla was celebrating its 65th anniversary in the luxury lingerie industry. From classic black embroidery designs to red passion vests, I can see why the basically have no competitor at their level!

This year, they have teamed up with another legend, Giuseppe Zanotti, to create a special shoe collection for the season. I had the pleasure to see their upcoming new clothing line collection that mixes men blazer cuts with tempested Swarovski strapless bras. I was delighted to see the combination of unisex designs to feminine silky tops and shiny bras. It represents the confident woman of today, the woman that is not scared to have a voice an make choices on her own. I LOVE IT.

Next, the ICEBERG show. Front row, I met some incredible people that have been influential in the fashion industry for multiple decades. Remember, networking is everything. If you’re shy or too cool to talk to people you ain’t going nowhere. Iceberg surprised everyone with a 13-minute runway show! The average length of runway shows is usually  8 minutes.

The collection featured numerous different bright authentic designs with fun textures and daring combinations.

What captured my attention the most was the new trend of white sneaker with a futuristic touch. So glad to see how all brands are incorporating more and more sneakers and low heel boots and sandals into their collections rather than just high heels.



End of the show, a photoshoot with Ignazio, then outfit change at a cafè for more photos… I tried to shoot as much content as possible while in Milan.

You gotta love it, it can be exhausting sometimes…

Aperitif time again with 2 pr managers and then dinner. Same time. Same place. I’m a creature of habit also out of town! The restaurant is called “L’angolo del tesoro” in via Sant Andrea, 21.

DAY 3, last one for me.

I skipped breakfast because I had to pack and check out from the room.

I chose a super futuristic outfit and topped it with an electric turquoise lipstick. I swear everyone was shocked by this look in the streets. I felt like an alien. And I liked it.

Customized Jacket: Wrenglory


We left our luggage at the lobby and walked to the first meeting of the day. 

I can’t tell you much about It right now but we are planning big projects in the marketing industry…. I hope I can share with you soon! 

Fun conversations but not too long because the Rubeus Milano presentation was about to start and the Ermanno Scervino show was right after.

Both events were in Corso Venezia, gladly.

As I walked into the Rubeus presentation, I noticed many security men with weapons in every corner of the ballrooom.

No wonder why, they had displayed coillers for 70 million euros. Each. I don’t think I have ever seen jewelry designs of such magnitude. Tempested in Rubies, emeralds, diamond and who knows what the hell more!! Mostly reserved to the royals and emirates. There was a bag for 400k dollars. I may know now what I want for next Christmas! LOL.

They launched a super luxury, hand made in Italy sleepwear and lifestyle collection with cute tiny (but expensive) handbags and buttons made of gold with a ruby inside.

Over the top. Luxury at its finest. I kinda feel poor now!!

After greeting the manager and the designer, I put my sneakers on and walk. Fast. The most important show was about to start. The designer I’ve been a fan of since I was 18… Ermanno Scervino ladies and gentlemen.

I stopped at a bar to quickly change outfit close to the crowded venue packed with photographers. I switched my sneakers to my Dior pumps and headed that way. Fierce. Like an alien. lol.

I was surprised to be seated front row.. so exciting for me! I enjoy every minute of the show like nobody else I think.

Scervino spring/summer 20 collection combines radiant colors to dressy and edgy work suits. Crystals, silk, and embroidery are the protagonists of the season. Leather was very prominent too. Elegance and fierceness are the timeless adjectives to Scervino style.

Once the show was finished, I didn’t have much time before catching a train to go back home to Trento, but I had to meet this incredibly talented photographer from Canada who missed his flight. Ir wasn’t planned, but as I said, most of the times those the best encounters.

We met in Piazza Duomo where we shot 2 different outfits and the result is FIRE! The photos are not published yet but I cannot wait to share them with you guys! Everyone in piazza Duomo took photos of us shooting because really pushed creativity!

It was about 5 pm and I had not eaten yet. But who wants to eat when so many exciting things keep happening one after the other? I finally stopped for a minute and a panini in piazza duomo before heading to the hotel to pick up the luggage to then head to the central train station. 4 hrs later I was in my hometown in my pajamas sipping hot tea watching the falling rain out of my window.

Life is awesome. Counting down the days till the next fashion month.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Xx, Naty


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