Making The Law, Work For You

The age we’re all living in means that we have higher standards of living than what our parents and grandparents did, we have access to more information in the palm of our hands than what our parents had in entire libraries and we’re healthier, more prosperous and living longer too. While the planet is faced with many problems, we’re also in the best possible position to solve them than what we’ve ever been in.  But all of that aside, a professional and busy lifestyle dovetails perfectly with, the law and making sure that you remain on the right side of it is more important than it’s ever been.  This is, after all, the age of the litigator.  So we’ve unpacked a few top hacks for helping you use the law, to your benefit in business, and life.




If you’re a business owner then having a good legal partner is a no-brainer, especially since you’re probably not at the stage where you can have in-house counsel.  It’s part of the everyday business right now and if you don’t have sufficient legal protection in this area you’re exposing your business and potential you personally to all sorts of litigation.  As an employer, you’re responsible for what happens under your roof every day and if your employees are up to no good or even if they action certain things inadvertently, ignorance is not an acceptable legal defense.  In today’s fast-changing legal environment, worker protections are evolving at a dazzling pace and while this is more often than not extremely positive, it places specific legal responsibilities on you as an employer.  Business lawyers help you navigate employee contracts, legal contracts, deals, mergers, product placement, human resources, establishing proactive sexual harassment policies, and they’re also indispensable for when things go wrong.  Having had a relationship with a legal team that’s ongoing means that they understand your business and its particular idiosyncrasies and this can be invaluable should you ever find yourself in legal trouble.  The argument that it’s too expensive to retain counsel might hold some truth, but being exposed to all sorts of different types of litigation should things not go according to plan, could cost you much, much more.  But business lawyers will also help you get your business started on the right foot too.  They’ll keep you compliant and make sure that you operate in line with all regulatory bodies and authorities.  



If you think that you as an individual are exempt from having to indulge in legal protection insurance, think again.  The unfettered rise of the personal injury lawyer is seeing a dramatic rise in personal litigation all across America and the ramifications are astounding.  If you, even accidentally, cause a motor collision or you didn’t see that cyclist when you opened the car door, you could hope that the victim is understanding and reasonable but if you find yourself at the receiving end of someone who means take the most possible advantage of an unfortunate scene, you could be on the line for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This type of exposure is increased in the ever-changing and further-reaching online environment. If you have children that regularly engage with social media, or even yourself for that matter then a seemingly innocent act of forwarding a funny photograph or sharing a video could land you in hot water depending on the circumstances.  So it’s a good idea to consider legal insurance.  


It’s not all suspicion and paranoia, though.  Lawyers have also been at the forefront of holding multinationals and conglomerates to account when they’ve behaved less than honorably.  Think about class action taken against big pharma and tobacco companies, lawyers that have helped victims of unsafe and unhealthy working environments get compensation for things like having suffered illness due to working with asbestos and mesothelioma.  The latter cases are still ongoing and if you’ve been a victim of these circumstances you may well need a mesothelioma attorney.

This post deals with a subject matter that we don’t really want to have to think about but we have to make sure that we take care of ourselves and each other. (certainly during this age of the great pandemic)  No one wants to live in angst or fear and perhaps that’s the point of understanding why the law has such a dramatic impact on our lives and honestly, making small efforts to increase your understanding of your rights and responsibilities under the law as it pertains to your lived experience, will go some way to fostering greater peace of mind, for you – and yours.


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