Let the Holiday season begin!

Hello beautiful people! Happy Monday! 🌼 I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I feel like I’ve neglected a bit the blog lately, but I’m back! I will be sharing with you one post a week with the outfit I wore during the week.. Do you like the idea? 😉

If you follow me on my social media, especially Instagram, you probably know I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last few months. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been very active with my blog.  On social media, you only get to see the fun and cool part of me.. But in the past months I went trough some heavy wars with.. myself. Yep. But I’m not here today to talk about sad things, with the help of my amazing hubby and my beloved family I can proudly say that those days are over. I am a new person, or better, I am myself again!

Anyways, how excited are you about the #Holiday season?!! Yesterday Dj and I put up the tree and all the Xmas decorations! Is it too early? Maybe. Or maybe not. Someone told me it’s never too early… Good to know!Next year I’ll put them up in July 😝😝
Christmas is joy, and we all need more of that. So let the festive season begin!

Here are some pics of our decor:

When we went shopping yesterday, I only had a word in my mind: SILVER. Can you tell? 😁

I hope you’re still watching my videos on my youtube channel! I will start sharing them here on the blog so you won’t miss them “) I have many cool reviews coming and other fun videos! I always read all your comments and messages.. I love how much you guys love my reviews! I have a lot of fun testing products for you, although it’s happened to test shitty ones I don’t share with you 😳 (Should I do a video with all the shitty products I’ve tried?!)

If you don’t want to miss a video, I recommend you to subscribe here to my channel ❤️

I am also very excited to finally be on Liketoknow.it! In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a free app where you can shop the outfits of your favorite bloggers and influencers. Pretty cool right? Basically all you have to do is screenshot or like the picture with the outfit that you like on Instagram! You need to make sure that you have the app installed and that the post includes a link to @liketoknow.it.. You can easily figure it out because when the images are eligible there are many tags such as “#LTKsalealert #LTKitbag #LTKholidaystyle #LTKstyletip,liketkit #LTKholidaystyle” and a link like this: http://liketk.it/2tpMu.

So, if you want to purchase my outfits, simply download the app @liketoknow.it  and  following me here:https://www.liketoknow.it/natyashba  ❤️
Like I mentioned, every week I will be sharing here on the blog my favorites looks I wore during the week for you to check them out!

When I share the outfits here you only have to click on the links under the image to get the details of the outfit!


Here are my top looks of the past week:

Outfit: http://liketk.it/2tpMu


Outfit: http://liketk.it/2tpcG


Jeans: http://bit.ly/2Az6eh4
Blazer:  http://bit.ly/2iRMApn
Shoes: http://bit.ly/2zTf90j
Sunnies: https://rixxeyewear.com.au/products/mirage-black-1?variant=32031677005
White tee: http://bit.ly/2zDr7s1

Please let me know if have any questions about the app or my outfits!

I wish you a blessed week ❤️❤️❤️
Much love,



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