Learning To Adapt To A New Hearing Aid

If you have been struggling with your hearing lately, it may be that you actually need to consider a hearing aid. Hearing loss is very common and whilst it is mostly associated with older age, it can be connected to other things such as exposure to loud noises. So if you are a first time user of a hearing aid, then you may have some questions. 


There are different types of hearing aids and each one has different preferences regarding the type of device and the way it is mounted on the ear. In addition, the type of hearing impairment must be considered in order to tailor an ideal hearing aid for each one. For example, tiny hearing aids located inside the ear canal are suitable for the slightly hearing impaired because the reception of sounds from the outside is not ideal in these devices.


The best hearing aid fitting for the patient should take into account not only the hearing condition and its cause but also the age of the user. Young children and older people often find it difficult to operate devices that are too small, so it is better to adapt larger and simpler devices for them to operate. What is the period of adaptation to a hearing aid? The adjustment period is the first days after purchasing the device. It is also recommended in the store to understand how a hearing aid is built, to learn how to assemble the device on the ear, how to replace batteries and how to move the device between the different hearing modes. The audiologist who adapted the device will be able to assist in the learning and adaptation process.

After your hearing aid fitting

In the following days, it is advisable to use the new hearing aid for limited periods of time only: on the first day, half an hour and every day thereafter add another half hour is recommended. The initial experience with the device is recommended to do at home, in a quiet place and patiently practice the operation of the device. Only after a few days, when there is a sense of security in the operation of the device, it can also be used when leaving the house. 

Is it possible to put a hearing aid in one ear?

If the hearing impairment appears in only one ear, then it is certainly possible to use the device in that ear only. However, if there is a hearing loss in both ears, it is recommended to purchase two devices. Using the device on one ear only may impair the ability to handle hearing in a noisy environment. In addition, the neglected ear, which is not used, may be damaged and in the future it will be more difficult to adapt it to a hearing aid. There is no stigma attached to having a hearing aid, but instead, looking at a more capable future where your job and social life is not compromised in any way.


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