How to Minimize Your Pores

The tiny dots you see on the surface of your skin are the openings of hair follicles. They contain a sebaceous gland, producing the natural oils of your skin. Called pores, they are more noticeable on parts of the face, usually the forehead and nose. These are areas of your face where the sebaceous glands are bigger.

The reality is that you cannot physically reduce the size of your pores. That depends on your genetics and other factors.

What you can do, however, is reduce the appearance of pores. And that is something every woman, and every person, to be honest, should strive for. As much as you can try to embrace your skin’s natural texture, the reality is that every one of us would love to have smaller pores.

Pores stay with you forever. Do not buy into expensive creams that promise to “erase” or “eradicate” pores. That is not possible. Pores are a structural part of your skin, and cannot be removed. They can, however, be minimized. Today, we will talk about 4 ways to minimize the appearance of your pores.

Unclog Pores

When your pores are clogged, they appear bigger. All that makeup you put on your face, all the dust from outside, pollutants, they all factor in. If you are not washing and cleaning your face on a regular basis, your pores will be clogged and appear bigger.

The best way to unclog pores is to reach for acids, specifically alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) and beta hydroxyl acid (BHA). These are the two most important ingredients in the effort of unclogging pores. They penetrate deeply and can clean out every debris and dead skin cells within your pores. This prevents the pores from stretching.

AHA works on the surface layer of your skin, which results in brighter and smoother skin. It is recommended for those with dry and sensitive-prone skin. BHA can penetrate deeper into your skin and remove dead skin cells clogged in your pores, which are basically blackheads. BHA is perfect for those with oily and acne-prone skin.

Yes, you can work with the best pore minimizer product that contains both acids, but we suggest opting for one that is perfectly suitable for your skin. That is why you need to know your skin type, which is step 1 in any skincare routine. When applying a product with BHA or AHA, apply it on your dry skin at night, before you go to bed. Let it sink for 10 minutes, and follow it up with other skincare products you apply.

How to tighten pores

Another way to make your pores look smaller is to tighten them. Do not mistake this with physically reducing the size of the pores.

The ingredient you want to include in your skin care routine is retinol. Containing vitamin A, it can topically smooth out any wrinkles on your skin, brighten dark spots, shrink pores, and prevent and treat acne.

Retinol works by increasing the production of collagen in your skin. The same process reduces oil production, which is the key to preventing clogging and increasing of pores.

Before you start using retinol-based products, we have to warn you. In the beginning, it will be irritating. You might even experience dry and flaky skin in the first week. Stick with it for more than a week, to see if the product actually works. Use a pea-size dollop over dry and clean skin every other night. In other words, one day you use BHA/AHA product, and retinol-based product the other day. Once you apply a retinol-based product, wait five minutes for your skin to absorb it, and then apply moisturizer.

If you have very dry or sensitive skin, use retinol-based products once per week. This will help mitigate irritation. Build up your tolerance by using it once per week for one week, then two times per week for two weeks, and three times per week for three weeks. If you do not notice any irritation, you can appear it every other day.

Apply sunscreen

The sun is the biggest enemy to your beautiful and radiant skin. Simply put, if you do not use any sunscreen and SPF factor product, your skin will not look good. Even worse, exposure to the sun can and will result in skin cancer.

Sunscreen also has pore-minimizing effects. The sun breaks down the collagen of your skin. And we all know collagen is responsible for keeping your face firm and keep the elasticity of your skin. Experts in the skincare industry recommend using a minimum of SPF 30 every morning.

Try laser therapy

If all else fails, laser therapy is the last resort in solving your pore problem. Lasers are the modern, and new way to address pore problems. There are different laser therapies you can try. We recommend the less-invasive Laser Genesis.

Laser Genesis treatment works by stimulating the skin’s deepest layers to smooth and plump your complexion with minimal pain. To put it simply, laser therapy combines the benefits of sunscreen, retinol, and BHA/AHA acids all at once. And it does that without any hassle of applying products over and over on your face. Of course, this comes with a price. Laser therapy usually costs $300 per session, and you need at least three of them.


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