How to Look More Confident on Important Meetings

If you are a busy professional and often find yourself having to attend important meetings on a short notice, you might panic what to wear. If you know the company you are visiting and the venue, you will find the right outfit easier, but it is hard to find out what your potential clients and business partners are looking for. Below you will find a few tips on how to find the right wardrobe items for your meetings.

Color Match

In case you would like to look sophisticated, you will need to apply color match. This means that you choose one main color for your outfit, such as a three-piece trouser suit, and combine it with a complimentary one, to create contrast. Your shoes can themselves make a statement; a black shoe with dark accessories and a light blue costume will look perfect in any corporate setting or business venue.

Tailored Solutions

If you would like to give out a professional air, you will need to make sure you are not buying cheap clothes online that scream low quality. Instead, find your perfect fit by taking your time to try on different outfits at the department store. It is possible that you will need to get the suit adjusted, or you will need a smaller top than a bottom piece for the perfect fit.

Smart Accessories

If you would like to look more confident, your accessories will help you. Be brave and sophisticated, and avoid trying to blend in your environment. Instead, draw people’s attention to the elegant details and the perfect match of your accessories. Invest in handbags in various colors and shades, sizes, so you can match your outfits. Get a few different material and style shoes, so you have the perfect match for trouser suits and smart shift dresses, too.

Signature Pieces


It is also a good idea to get some signature pieces that will make you look more professional and confident. You can combine a sterling silver name necklace with an earring and bracelet from the same material. Silver goes very well with black, dark blue, navy, and maroon, and creates the perfect discreet shine in the boardroom.

Feel Good In What You Wear

Feeling comfortable in what you wear at meetings will also increase your confidence. Before you head out for a meeting, look in the mirror and identify the right hairdo and makeup to perfect your looks. Just because you are determined to wear smart striped trousers, you will not be less feminine. If that makes you feel better in your skin, do so, and allow your personality to shine through your style to make a lasting impression.


All meetings are important. If you would like to make the right impression and feel good in your skin, you will have to increase your confidence level. Choose your clothes and your accessories carefully, consider the people you meet, as well as your personal comfort, style and preferences. Be brave, but not loud, and ensure all your clothes are a perfect fit.



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