How To Get Rid Of Appointment Anxiety

Appointments can cause anxiety due to the fear of the unknown, not wanting to hear bad news, and undergoing treatments. It is common to feel anxious about appointments, especially those involving your health. So, don’t be embarrassed by it. There are many solutions to help with overcoming your fear and reducing your anxiety about attending appointments. Everyone is different in this situation, so hopefully, you can find a remedy that helps you.

Some people who struggle with appointment anxiety use cannabis products (such as shatter) to calm themselves and help them to relax in anticipation of an appointment, whereas others go to therapy. Whilst therapy ought to be the first port of call, many people can vouch on the immediate positive effects of cannabis on their level of anxiety. There is a ton of research that suggests that cannabis and cannabis derivatives can provide short-term relief to anxiety, and can be used in many different ways, such as smoking strains like the dosi cake strain, or in the form of edibles.

In terms of derivatives, the most famous are probably CBD and delta-8 THC. Both of these are derived from either the marijuana plant or the hemp plant and have similar effects on humans, including reducing anxiety and stress. You can find further info on, but essentially this makes them very good potential treatment options for anxiety, alongside cannabis itself.

As you see, there is a cure – or at least some kind of help – out there for everyone. Apart from marijuana strains, there are also magic mushrooms that tend to alleviate one’s stress and provide a relaxing sensation to the ones consuming it. Though it might be a tad different than marijuana and its products, it is known to do its job well of relieving anxiety. So, if you would be interested to learn more, you might want to read up about it more with the help of online articles and blogs.

But without further ado, below is some information about what else you can do to help to aid your appointment anxiety:

Take advantage of a consultation

If you are awaiting treatment for any healthcare issue, you may be anxious due to not knowing what will happen during the procedure. If you are often overthinking it or would feel more settled knowing what the treatment will entail, you can ask for a consultation before your appointment date. Here, you can ask questions and learn more information to help settle your anxiety.

For instance, you might be going into surgery and require anesthetics. Premier Anesthesia can help you manage your insensitivity to pain and get the help you need if you are suffering from a long-term loss of sensation. Or, offer your anesthetics ahead of your treatments. They provide evidence-based solutions to help all patients and offer to consult to help you understand the procedure and give you the safest and most effective service.

Ask for a companion to come with you

You should never avoid attending the appointments as your health comes first. So, asking a friend to come along with you may be the support you need to reduce or alleviate your anxiety. Even if it is just to drop you off and pick you up at the practice, your friend and their support may help you stay calm and collected before the appointment. Knowing that a familiar face is there with you may help calm your nerves and get rid of the anxiety about attending the appointment.

Let the practice know

If your anxiety can often result in panic attacks or needing the leave the room, there is no harm in letting the person know. They will understand and offer help. They will often use ways to make the appointment more comfortable for you, which may keep your anxiety at bay. Allowing them to know your problem will help them understand if you need to leave the room or any other coping mechanism. If you don’t tell them, you may worry throughout the appointment that there will not be help available to you if you need it.

Watch your breathing

Anxiety can often cause an increased heart rate and shallow breathing, which can cause lightheadedness. If you suffer from that, watch your breathing before the appointment. If you feel your breathing is becoming shallow, sit in a calm place and take deep breaths. It will regulate your heartbeat and help your breathing return back to normal, which could alleviate the anxiety and make you feel more ready for the appointment. Try not to focus too heavily on your breathing if it isn’t a problem, otherwise, your mind might play games on you, and overthinking is bound to bring on anxious feelings.


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