How To Express Yourself With Jewelry

Jewelry is a fabulous way to perfect the look you’re going for. Personally, I’m a sucker for a ruby gem in jewelry. I love the bold color and it represents love when worn. To find out more about rubies, visit HARUNI.COM because they’ve got a great article on them. Anyway, whether it is a finishing touch to an already stunning outfit, or you are using your favorite item to inspire the rest of your attire, jewelry is a great way to express yourself. You may not realize it, but the jewelry that you accessorize with gives away little hints about your personality and character. Want to personalize your next item of jewelry a little to suit you better? Maybe something a little like an initial necklace?

Big & bold.

It is said that a person who wears chunkier jewelry in bright, bold colors is a sociable person. Those big dramatic rings, stand out earrings and broad necklaces, usually indicate confidence in someone, and their ability to communicate well with others. They are likely to be the life and soul of a party. These people will benefit from being in large groups, which is not a problem because they have no trouble attracting friends with their kind, approachable ways!


A person who wears jewelry made from natural materials are, you guessed it, most likely nature lovers. These people will have a gentle disposition; they may be empathetic, peaceful, and feel their best outdoors. They ensure that their jewelry is as environmentally friendly as possible. Earthy people may wear jewelry made from natural materials such as shells, gemstones, and sea glass. These people care more about feeling good than looking ultra fashionable.

Diamonds & Pearls.

People who like to wear simple, but elegant moissanite rings and other jewelry are often considered to be a little more reserved than others. They like to wear beautiful jewelry discreetly, in the form of small pearl earrings or a single diamond stone necklace, for example. Their engagement ring is likely an understated but stunning diamond piece. These people are kind and loving, especially toward their family – there are very family orientated. They ooze charisma, being noticed for their classic and graceful look, but do not usually like being the center of attention.

Color matchers.

Those who match color are said to be organized, dedicated and hard working. They thrive on consistency and order and can become unsettled with change. This being said, they are great communicators and can articulate beautifully. They may match a striking colored necklace with a statement handbag, or fashion a charming two-piece set – with a matching necklace and earrings. The homes of color matchers are usually immaculate, with walls and furniture carefully chosen to match and compliment each other.

Simple and discreet.

For those who have a job in sport or have lots of extracurricular activities, it can be a hassle to remove jewelry and keep it safe while it’s not being worn. This could be a reason why those who are on-the-go a lot wear more simple jewelry. Simple doesn’t mean basic or unattractive here; it just means that they may wear fewer stones and intricate designs so that the jewelry can still be worn during activity and not get damaged. This way, your beloved jewelry item can be kept close to your heart at all times. In some cases, it might mean looking into these bar necklace designs to find out how to personalize these creations so that they carry a special message with you always, yet still being attractive and unique. These people are usually motivated, driven and enthusiastic individuals. They can be competitive but also inspirational towards others.

So next time you go to put on your favorite piece of jewelry, have a think if this is relevant to you. You could also use this as a guide for jewelry if you’re looking to give off a particular impression for any occasion.


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