Gods of Metal 2016 – Monza

Hello! Happy Saturday my friends!
My vacation in Italy has been amazing so far..
It was sooo trippy the first days! Everything looks exactly how I remembered!
I can’t wait to bring my husband to my hometown! We will spend a few days here when the tour ends at the end of June.. I can’t wait “)
Last Thursday, the 2nd of June I went to see him play with SixxAm at the Gods of Metal in Monza; my mom and my best friend came too…They were so thrilled watching him on stage!

The band KIILED IT!!! I was so proud of hubby!
After the show, we all hanged out for a while and watched the band Korn.. I gotta say.. It’s definitely NOT my type of music lol!

I was so sad to leave him again but I will be back on tour from the 15th till the end.. Meanwhile I’ll be spending time with family and friends hanging around Northern Italy.
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I miss Emilio soooo bad! We put a camera in the dogs room so I can spy on him whenever I want… He’s always sleeping lol!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Today I’m going to Affi, a small city close to Trento.. I want to get hubby a present and they have an amazing shoe store!

I wish you a fabulous day/night.. Jet lag got me so confused lol!

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