Girl Boss Style: How To Slay at work!

When it comes to getting dressed for work, do you always find yourself stressing out about what you’re going to wear? Of course, you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear when you have a uniform provided for you. This could come in the form of embroidered fleeces or printed t-shirts that display your company’s logo on the front. And yes, they can be stylish if you want them to be. But when you don’t have the luxury of wearing what you’re given, you have to find the perfect outfit for you. When you work in an office, it’s always going to be important for you to stay professional. But at the same time, you’ll often want to inject a sense of your own personal style into the mix. It’s only natural. This can sometimes feel tough. When you’re faced with dressing professionally, you can feel as if you have to be quite boring and dowdy – but that’s really not the case. Even if you work in a very formal and professional field, you can still dress impeccably well and still look the part.

The key to achieving this is to really have a great eye when it comes to what works for you. Because one outfit can look incredible on one woman, yet do nothing for another. This means that you have to really dress for your shape. It can seem hard to do this, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with some key pieces and finding the right style of that piece, you should easily be able to pull together outfits that make you feel fashionable when you’re at work. No matter your industry or your budget, here’s what you need to do to rock some girl boss style and feel the part at work.

Start With Dresses

When it comes to pulling your wardrobe together, you’re going to want to look at some workwear inspiration here. You’ll often think that you need suits to begin with, but you should definitely start with dresses. Because dresses can be a lot of fun to style out. When you choose a classic shift dress or a pencil style, this is going to look very feminine but still formal. So make sure that you’re working dresses in your wardrobe.

Get Pants That Fit Well

From here, you’re going to want to move over to the separates. And that’s, of course, going to include pants. Now, you may think that they can look quite boring, but you need to shop smarter. When you’re able to get womens pants that fit really well, you should find that they’re a complete game changer. You’re going to feel so much more sophisticated in your looks if you can find wide-legged, cigarette, or cropped pants that fit like a glove.

Vary Your Style Of Skirts

Next, we’re going to cover skirts. Because you’re always going to want to bring in skirts to mix up the looks. To begin with, you’ll want pencil skirts. These are going to be the classic of your wardrobe – particularly if you work in a very professional field. Now, if you’re allowed to get more creative, then why not bring in a-line or pleated midi skirts to shake things up a little?

Rock A Killer Jacket

When it comes to your outerwear, you’re always going to want it to be a statement. Don’t let your coats and jackets kill the look. Instead, pick classic shapes that are well fitted and even opt for statement prints to really make your workwear looks feel a bit more interesting.

Stick To Classic Heels

As you’re selecting your work shoes, you’re going to want to make sure that you stick to classic heels. Because nothing can beat a killer or classic court shoe. Definitely think about mixing up the designers or the colors, but if you’re in a professional role, a more timeless shape will be important.

Choose A Statement Bag

Then, when it comes to your bag (or bags) of course, pick out a style that will go with everything. You really want your bags to be interchangeable with all of your outfits, we’re currently loving the ones over at Johnny Loves Rosie Personalised Handbag so definitely take a look! You’re not going to want to have bags that can only be worn with set looks. While it’s okay to have one statement option, it should still be versatile.

Another necessity that you may require are laptop backpacks for work. Although they might not look exactly like the statement bags you wear, having a backpack designed specifically for your electronics can be beneficial.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Edgy

As much as you’ll want to stick to your staple suits and classic office dresses, it’s always fun to work in some more modern and edgier outfits. Think all in one suits that will look great with your classically cut jackets. Or wearing less formal styles of dresses with courts and a blazer jacket. Just be sure that you are allowed to wear the outfits that you’re thinking of mixing it. And always be sure to have fun with your shirts. Because these are elements you can mix between your formal workwear and your everyday fashion too.


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