First Time in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Hello beautiful people and happy humpday!

Summer is almost over and honestly, I am SO excited about the fall season! Cozy sweaters, pumpkin lattes and.. Halloween! Sounds incredible right now! But Fall is not the topic of the day.

I want to share with you my experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was invited by the owner of the Magazine Modeliste, along with other 3 influencers. I was so excited to go because I’ve heard amazing things and they were right! Have you ever been there? It was my first time, and I LOVED it!

Puerto Vallarta is on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in Jalisco state. it has about 200.000 habitants. It is known for its beaches and nightlife scene, although a big part of it is retired Americans living it up!  

I flew from Vegas on Aug 20 in the morning. As always, from Vegas, every exotic destination is so far and with multiple connections. I had to stop in Dallas first with a 2 hr layover. If you live in LA, good news fellas! They have a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta.

Like any touristic area, there are lots of different hotels to choose from, for different budgets, for adults only, by the beach or in the heart of the beach town. In the center of the town, you can find the only church,  Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, lots of boutique shops and a range of cute little restaurants and bars playing Latin music day and night. El Malecón is a beachside promenade that hosts legendary sculptures, as well as bars, lounges, and nightclubs.

The most fun part of influencer trips are the itineraries! They always have several activities planned and most of the time they’re amazing because many times they’re local culinary experiences!  When I travel solo or with Dj I turn into my own travel agent and plan everything ahead of time. I used to lay down like a sea lion all day by the beach, now I enjoy discovering every traditional activity, learn about the history and the culture and dine in local restaurants, not only the ones at the resort.

The hotel that hosted us is called Mousai, literally on a hill in the middle of the green mountains. The best part of it? Adults only, infinity pool and 24hr room service…. All inclusive! I had the best king breakfast and late night ice cream every single day! The staff was super nice, and the hotel luxury chic and modern. Our tourist guide, Xaviera, mentioned it’s the only 5 diamond hotel in the City. My suite was huge! I had my own hammack and hot tub in the balcony. The view was breathtaking, especially during the sunset.

There is a nice beach in a partner hotel just 2 minutes away down the hill. The beaches were clean and pretty and the water very warm! It’s the Pacific Ocean so the water is a bit less crystal clear than the Caribbean Sea. 

For the first day, they had planned for us an early morning tour to the Malecòn and the  “Romantic Zone” aka, the LGTB area. A guide explained the story behind every sculpture and took us to every main square. We also visited the only church of the city, he mentioned everybody confuses it with a cathedral.  There are so many cute local shops to buy souvenirs from.

Tip: Make sure you bring cash with you, none of the local stores accept credit or debit cards.

For lunch, we had some fresh ceviche and seafood cocktail at the rooftop of the hotel. And latin music. The infinity pool has a lovely view of Los Arcos. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon shooting content in my beautiful a humongous suite with Logan, our photographer for the trip.

Every dinner was planned in the most famous and traditional restaurants of the town.

The first night we dined at the sushi restaurant at our hotel. It was simply amazing!! They brought us so many dishes and I just couldn’t stop eating! I even had tempura, rolls, teryaki beef. I basically forgot who what “low calorie” means!!! Crema catalana and coconut mouse stole my heart, and my gut. 

After dinner, we headed to the rooftop of the hotel for some latin music and signature cocktails. Forgot to mention, all inclusive cocktails. All. Day. Long. And room service. I don’t know why I think it’s pretty awesome!!! The rooftop has a beautiful infinity pool and during the day it’s a very fun enviorement. The view of the ocean is breathtaking, during the day and at night. It gets a little too hot for me between 4-6pm, but nothing that 4 iced teas can’t fix.

Every day started pretty early, the most popular activities start around 8 am so my alarm was room service at 6.30 am for breakfast. 

The first night I only slept 2 hours because I was very excited about the next day and because of a 2hr jet lag… No matter how much I travel, jet lag always wins on me!

For the 2nd day, they had planned a visit to Las Caletas, a small island reachable only by boat where they have many water activities and other fun things for kids and adults. 

It’s about 45 min distance from the Marina, and luckily the sun wasn’t too aggressive, yet. The boat was a touristic one, we were about 80 people on it…  But I had so much fun with my influencer friend, Cathy! We danced an laughed the whole way to Las Caletas.

They welcomed us with a tasty taco and a natural squeezed juice, somewhat, I feel like all I did on this trip was eating :))

The island was so beautiful and the water warm! I shot all my content and then I relaxed on a hammock literally in the water. Paradise. I wish hubby was there he would have loved the warm water and the signature cocktails!

At around noon, I joined a cooking class and learned how to prepare seafood paella, red tomatillo, and aguachile. If you’re planning on visiting Mexico, be prepared to enjoy so many authentic Mexican flavors! And tequila, everybody will offer you tequila. Every day. All day.

The other girls were having margaritas in the morning!!!! I was shocked by how fun, wild and slim they were even if they drink all DAY! I’d be recovered at the ER for sun and alcohol poison. lol.

At Las Caletas, you can do kayak, fly parachute, snorkel and zip lining on top of the water!

Lunch was a rich buffet made of typical mexican dishes and desserts.  I had so many tasty desserts, ice cream, churros, souffles, natilla..

For dinner, they took us to Cafe des Artises where we tasted delicious local dishes and desserts. I tried so many dishes and didn’t workout at all. I probably gained 3 lb. Not happy about that.

For the 2nd day, Modeliste rented a private cute little boat for us. I am a sucker for boats, I was so happy feeling the wind on my face! And hair. Oh man, short hair doesn’t like boat life.

The boat took us to Los Arcos, a world wonder! I took so many photos but honestly, photos did not capture the outstanding beauty.

Los Arcos are about 50 minutes from the marina, and you can either rent a small fishing boat to get there or buy a ticket in the big touristic boat if you don’t mind a bigger crowd. Around the small islands, there are mystical caves, vast tunnels and a spectacular reef where you can snorkel!  Los Arcos is a must-see for visitors, whether above the water or beneath the surface.

After 6485608 photos, we headed to the Casitas Marina beach club in an almost virgin island. SO beautiful! The island only has that small boutique hotel and sometimes they host parties during the weekends. 

We stopped for lunch and for some photos.  I had the best ceviche ever. And trust me, I have tried hundreds of ceviches! The freshness of each ingredient and the sounds of the waves in the bakground made my lunch unforgettable… The whole experience last half-day, we were back to the hotel around 5 pm.  As soon as we got to the hotel we all headed to the rooftop to keep the party! Although it was very hot (August is the most humid season), the vibe was pretty cool up there.

The tourist guide recommended visiting PV between November and march because the weather is less humid, less rainy and because you can see WHALES! You could literally have lunch and see whales jumping, sounds like a movie right? 

I will absolutely come back during the whale season, It must be such an amazing experience!

For dinner, they took us to the most historical and iconic restaurant, La Leche. The chef and owner, Nacho, prepared the most delicious seafood soup and mahi mahi dish I’ve ever had.

The same restaurant exists in Cabo. The curious thing about it the decor! All white with lots of.. milk bottles! Definitely different and very original. You can tell it’s a trendy spot in the bay. We all had a great time.

On the last day, we visited the Botanical Garden. It was so beautiful! Lots of different orchids, I got to see a vanilla tree and the flower used to create the fragrance Chanel N5. They had 2 peyote plants, which anywhere else is illegal.

After the tour, we had a typical Mexican lunch made of homemade tortilla soup and Mexican fajitas with a spectacular view of the river. The homemade ice cream was mystical. The restaurant reminded me of back home so much! We love taking the whole family to lunch in places like this!

The visit to the  Botanical gardens takes half day, the other half day we all met at the rooftop for drinks,. Tan lines and latin music.

For the last dinner we visited a very, very local restaurant, founded decades ago: La Lulü!

We had a tequila tasting and got to meet the infamous raicilla, a local alcoholic beverage with 48 degrees that derives from Agave.

They prepared for us 3 cocktails and gave us 3 shots of Raicilla.. If you like alcohol and tequila this place is a perfect fit for you!!!

We had dinner and headed to the Malecòn, which is a completely different experience at night. There are live shows, live music,  restaurants, bars, clubs and lots of smiling people!

 We stopped at Mandala for a few drinks and then headed to Mandala nightclub to dance. I was very excited to dance latin music… but it was hip-hop night!!

In other words, I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to be back soon.I had so much fun! I am definitely coming back with DJ and maybe with my grandparents too! 

If you have any questions about the hotel, restaurants or activities, Dm on instagram! A vlog will be up soon too 🌟

PS. I made a new awesome friend, Cathy!

I wish you a wonderful day! Don’t forget to count your blessings ❤️

xx, Naty


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