Dressing for the cold Season with Style

Anyone can dress for warmth, it’s not exactly difficult to throw on a jumper or a hoody! But, can you dress to stay warm while still retaining a sense of style? It’s not always easy to achieve, which is why many people hate the colder months of the year compared to the hot ones. They think it means their fashion sense goes out the window as they just have to wear big ugly sweaters. Well, stop thinking like that, and start seeing how you can dress for warmth while still being fashionable:

Oversized hoodies help combat the cold.

Wear Oversized Hoodies

There’s nothing wrong with wearing hoodies, it’s the type of hoody you wear that matters! If you want to stay warm while still being fashionable, then it’s time to get with the current trends. Oversized hoodies are very popular right now as they create the ultimate feeling of comfort and warmth. The same feeling that you new full size mattress give you is the same feeling you get when wearing an oversized hoodie. They make you feel like you’re wearing a blanket while still being stylish enough to be worn outside! Possibly my favorite thing about them is that the sizing doesn’t really matter. After all, they’re meant to be oversized!

Vintage jumpers are very fashionable.

Get Some Vintage Jumpers

Naturally, you’re going to need a good supply of thick jumpers and sweaters when it’s cold. If you want some help finding a sweater, there are lots of great websites and shops that can give you some advice and recommendations. You can’t go wrong with a sweater though! They’re a go-to item as you can wear them inside, outside, and pretty much anywhere you want. The trick is to get some vintage jumpers, as they’re perfect for cold weather style. Something like an aran sweater is so good during the cold months. If you actually look into the history of aran sweaters, then you’ll see they were specifically designed to keep out the freezing cold. So, you get something that’s going to keep you warm, and the vintage style is so in right now as well. That’s the main reason to opt for a vintage jumper over another type; the style is very fashionable at the moment. As a bonus, you can usually pick different vintage sweaters and jumpers up for quite low prices in second-hand stores.

Keep your head warm and the rest of your body will follow.

Cover Your Head

When it comes to staying warm, you need to make sure your head is covered. Otherwise, all the heat from your body will escape, and you’ll be cold. The obvious answer is to throw on any old hat and solve the problem. However, you can’t do this, as most hats can look pretty hideous. Instead, try and buy hats that are currently in fashion for this Autumn/Winter season. To give you a few ideas, fake fur hats are popular, berets are very stylish, and some people are even saying the balaclava is back in fashion! I’m not so sure I trust the experts on the last one, but the others are great options if you want a stylish hat that’ll help keep you warm. It doesn’t really matter what type of hat you wear, as long as your head is kept warm! Whether you want to wear some cool baseball caps, a beanie or a beret, the options are endless!

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold! Sadly, so many of us will take the hit and end up freezing cold just because we want to look good. Well, now you know how to dress for warmth and still look stylish at the same time – problem solved.


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