Could You Benefit From Wearing Hearing Aids? Here Are a Few Signs to Consider

Hearing aids are the go-to device to wear if you’re experiencing hearing loss. However, not everyone is aware if they have hearing loss and there are also some people that believe they don’t need hearing aids. Some people are concerned about the stigma around hearing aids, others think they look strange, and others might not understand the immediate benefits of wearing hearing aids. Additionally, because of the recent pandemic, there have also been some noticeable Effects of COVID19 on hearing too, which could also result in a loss of hearing.

Since hearing loss is a condition that is still misunderstood by a lot of people, we decided to put together this article to help more folks learn about the benefits of wearing hearing aids.

Are you aware that you have hearing loss?

Some people know they have hearing loss because they’ve had a hearing test before, or because they’ve had interactions with people who comment on their hearing. In fact, one of the biggest signs that you have hearing loss is if other people comment about the volume at which you listen to music or television. Exposure to loud noises is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, so if you’ve made a habit of listening to things at a loud volume or working in a noisy environment, then there’s a good chance that you have some level of hearing loss.

Do you work in a rather loud environment at work?

If you work in a loud environment then it’s likely that your workplace has already implemented rules to wear hearing protection. By protecting your hearing, you can prevent hearing loss because you’re lowering the decibel level of the sounds around you. For example, if you’re working with heavy machinery for most of the day, then wearing hearing protection ensures that the constant noises don’t damage your hearing. Similarly, if you have to play loud music on stage, a pair of earplugs or earphones that cancel out some of the noise will help ensure that your ears don’t get damaged. If you have worked in a loud environment and neglected to wear hearing protection, then we recommend you speak to a hearing specialist and request a hearing test.

Have you been to a hearing test before?

A hearing test is important if you want to learn more about your hearing health. A hearing test is the only way to help you identify if you have hearing loss, but it also helps you discover the level of hearing loss that you’re facing. This means the hearing specialist can help you identify if you need hearing aids and if you should be more concerned about hearing protection. You should learn more about hearing aid specialists to see how they can help you cope with hearing loss. Most people will be surprised that they don’t actually need hearing aids yet but could benefit from hearing protection to slow down the progression of their hearing loss. Some might be even more fortunate to find that their hearing loss is caused by something like an ear infection or earwax blocking their eardrum.

Are you over the age of 65?

Age-related hearing loss is fairly common because the nerves in our ears gradually weaken as we age. This isn’t true for everyone, but age 65 is generally when we start noticing major changes to our hearing. If you’re above the age of 65 then we highly recommend that you start taking regular hearing tests with a hearing specialist. This will ensure that you’re always aware of your level of hearing and can quickly detect if your hearing has gotten worse. If it has, then you can slow down the progression of hearing loss with hearing protection or hearing aids.

Are you concerned about getting used to hearing aids?

A lot of people avoid wearing hearing aids because they’re not comfortable with the idea of it. They think that it’s a nuisance to wear, maintain and carry around another device, and they might be worried about how people think about them if they’re seen wearing a hearing aid. While hearing aids are just as normal as wearing a pair of glasses, they’re certainly not as common. It’s important to remember that hearing aids these days are far more capable than they used to be. There are different brands that come with lots of unique features like active noise cancelling, mobile application compatibility and bluetooth connectivity. Some devices can last a long time without needing to swap batteries or recharge. If you are experiencing hearing loss, you can read this WonderEar article ( to know more about benefits of using a hearing aid.

Hearing aids are incredibly helpful for a number of different reasons, but it’s important that you understand what the signs of hearing loss are and who’s at risk of damaging their hearing. Such specialized medical equipment can improve a person’s quality of life significantly. Also, keep in mid that comfort shouldn’t be a reason for avoiding the device, as you more likely to get used to it after the adjustment period.


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