1. Basic Bridge: Glutes, hamstrings Lie back, knees bent, feet on the floor hip-width apart, arms extended at sides with palms facing down. Lift your hips as much as you can toward the ceiling, pressing into your heels and squeezing your glutes. Keep the position for 3 seconds.. Return to starting position and repeat 20 times. Relax for 30 seconds…

Squats at home!

      Exercising at home is an effective way to stay in shape!! 1. Stand with your feet at least shoulder-width apart. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in tightly and your back straight. If you choose to use dumbbells, hold one in each hand and keep your arms straight down at your sides. 2….

:D :D

Who would like to have this DREAM GYM closet?! Gym clothes shopping is as much exciting as regular shopping!! Do you agree with me?! A quien le gustaría un armario para el gym así? Ir de compras para el gym es emocionante tanto cuanto el shopping normal! Esta de acuerdo conmigo? 😉