GIRLS! I’ve been using these beauty products made by YES TO CARROTS for a while, and I have to say that they’re simply AMAZING.. I suggest you to try them!! All the products are made with at least 95% NATURAL ingredients,  from a renewable resource found in nature (Flora, Fauna, Mineral). They don’t include parabens, phthalates, SLS, petroleum, silicones,…

Squats at home!

      Exercising at home is an effective way to stay in shape!! 1. Stand with your feet at least shoulder-width apart. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in tightly and your back straight. If you choose to use dumbbells, hold one in each hand and keep your arms straight down at your sides. 2….

8 must have BEAUTY products!

Which of these product is your MUST HAVE? Cual de estos productos es tu MUST HAVE? Bold Lip Color A vibrant pout provides a pop of color, no matter what makeup products you pair with it. Tip: Apply a bright lip stain first, then swipe a creamy or glossy lipstick in a matching shade on top….

GOAL: Get fabulous hair

Eat daily a cup of PINEAPPLE! The nutrient vitamin B6, which supports hair growth and natural hair color, is found in this tropical treat! META: tener cabello fabuloso Come cada día una taza de piña Esta delicia tropical contiene la súper nutriente vitamina B6, la cual ayuda el crecimiento del cabello y su color natural!