ASHBA CLOTHING Grand Opening in Las Vegas

Hello beautiful world! Happy Sunday!
This last week has been crazy, we were incredibly busy from morning till night making sure everything was ready for the grand opening of the first Ashba Clothing retail store in Las Vegas!
I am so proud to say that the event was a success!
The stratosphere has never been so packed lol! Dj and I were so happy to see how much love and support you guys have for us!
Were you able to come? Did you have fun?

I want to thank all my friends and my family for being present that night, my grandparents attended the whole event <3

I’m so saaaaad! My abuelos are leaving tomorrow night :((
That’s why I haven’t uploaded videos this week but I have tons of reviews and fun stuff coming up! Stay tuned 🙂

Much love to you all!

This is the official commercial:

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