A Quick-Fire Guide To Online Fashion Shopping That Sees You Returning In The Right Way

For years, trying on clothes has been a prerequisite of any fashion purchase. After all, this has long been the only way to test fit, feel, and fabric. Sadly, with many non-essential retailers closed right now, trying on before you buy is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now, fashion is all about intuition. Worse, you’ll likely need to utilize that skill without once being able to handle your items!

It’s enough to leave any keen fashionista in a fit of panic, but there’s no need for such worry. Remember, women’s fashion has been moving online for a good few years now, and plenty of people have perfected the online buying experience. With the majority of online fashion stores now providing hassle-free and cost-free returns, it’s not even a big deal if your items don’t look the way you thought they would when they arrive. As long as people find clothing that they like, they should purchase them and try them on. Online stores, like Lychee the Label, have been growing in popularity recently, so some women could consider finding some fashionable pieces on their website. To make sure you get the perfect piece of clothing for you, keep reading.

No one likes disappointment. Make sure you never have to experience any by considering the following ways to get online fashion shopping right at least 99.9% of the time (sadly, even this magic can’t work miracles every time.)

Look at measurements rather than sizes

Clothing sizes have long been at the center of controversies, especially considering that each store seems to vary greatly in their opinion about which size is which. This has led to insecurities, poor fits, and more online returns than you can shake a stick at.

But, there is a better way, and it comes in the form of measurements. It’s now standard fare for online clothing to come complete with width, length, and depth measurements. Use these to gain a much more accurate idea of how it’s actually going to look every single time.

Know the shapes that suit you

Even if the measurements add up, the shape of an item could make it incompatible with your style. After all, we each have certain shapes of clothing that we return to, be they floaty, straight, or flared. And, we know that sicking with these shapes will see us looking gorgeous in every outfit.

So, apply that thinking to your online fashion buys. If it’s a shape that you don’t typically turn to, leave it out of the basket until you can see it in person. If you’re looking for something classy as well as sexy, brands like Nicole Miller could be a good choice. Online shopping is not the place to experiement, unless you don’t mind burning your pockets. Rather, buy what you know looks good, and enjoy purchases you can pretty much guarantee you’ll love.

Always watch the videos

It’s incredibly difficult to judge an outfit based solely on one picture. You won’t be able to see all angles, for one thing, and you’ll have no real idea of how it moves/shakes. Luckily, most fashion stores now provide videos of their items in action. As tempting as it might be to skip these, you really should watch. While it’s not the same as trying something on yourself, this is effectively the online version of a changing room. And, taking the time to ‘try these items on’ is the best way to tell whether you really will love them when they arrive on your doorstep.


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