5 Tips For Beginner Runners

Running is a fantastic way to boost your physical and mental health. Regular running can improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health, as well as boosting your endorphin levels. When you’re starting out as a runner, there are several things you need to know.

1 . Take it slow

As a beginner, it’s important to take things slowly. Give yourself a short distance to tackle first. Switch between running, jogging and walking, to ensure that you aren’t overdoing it and causing something similar to a runner’s knee. If you are experiencing any serious discomfort, it might be a good idea to contact a Top knee replacement surgeon to discuss your choices. As your skills gradually improve you can aim for longer distances, and reduce your walking times. Listen to your body and ensure that you stretch properly before every run.

  1. The right running shoes
It’s incredibly important to get the right pair of running shoes, according to Livestrong a good pair of running shoes should provide adequate ‘midsole foot cushioning.’ The cushioning offered by a great pair of running shoes can minimize stress on the toes, ankles, and heel. Cushioning can also reduce back pain, hip or knee pain. The right cushioning ensures that running is a safer activity, helping runners to avoid injury. Although there are helpful resources out there such as Tulsa Spine and Rehab for help with any injuries you may get, it’s best to start off right and ensure you have a decent pair of trainers to go running in. Additionally, the right pair of running shoes offers arc support, to prevent soreness in the joints and muscles of the feet. If you really are struggling with pain, consider getting some CBD oil from a discount dispensary to massage your feet and legs when they’re feeling sore. The better you can manage soreness, the more you’ll be able to run.
  1. Try running apps
When you’re a beginner you’ll want all the tips and support possible. There are several running applications that are perfect for beginners, try checking out these options:
  • Couch To 5k: This app helps newbie runners to get off the couch and train for a 5k run. You’ll get access to content from some excellent trainers including Michael Johnson, a former Olympian. It’s a 9-week course, but you can take a little longer if you need more time.
  • Runcoach: The Runcoach application is a great running app, with the help of this tool beginners can get expert coaching, and start improving fast. To develop your skills and reach your fitness goals, this is a great tool to use.

  1. Nourish your body

According to Verywell Fit, some of the best foods for runners to eat include, ‘pasta, quinoa, eggs, salmon, berries, oranges, almonds, and low-fat yogurt.’ It’s important to consume enough carbs, for energy, and enough protein, to support damaged tissue. Whether you’re a runner or not, it’s vital to eat a balanced diet including plenty of vegetables, nutrients, and minerals. A poor diet can make it more difficult to keep up your energy levels and improve your running skills.

  1. Combine with yoga

Running can be tough on the joints and muscles, which is why it is a good idea to combine running with a yoga practice. Yoga is a fantastic way to strengthen your muscles, ease tension, prevent aches and pains, and improve your posture. Besides this, yoga is a great way to unwind and relax the mind. It’s normal to get a few aches and pains when you start out running, so you might want to purchase a few pain relief creams. For an excellent range of sports cooling creams and supplements, take a look at Omax Health.


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