5 Summer Lovin’ Hair Tips

Summer Lovin’ Hair Tips

As the long summer days set in all we want to do is sit around with our friends in sunny parks having a good time. And who doesn’t want to look great while they do so? Summer is the time to indulge in a little self-care – to make sure you’re feeling your best self for all the fun activities you will be getting up to. In this article we give you some top summer lovin’ hair tips from beautiful French braid hairstyles suitable for the beach to protecting your gorgeous locks from the sun’s rays.

When it comes to great summer hair sometimes a good up-do is what you need and French braid hairstyles are perfect for this. Braids keep hair off your neck, ensuring you keep nice and cool during those scorching months, and most importantly, look cute while doing so. Add extra interest for special occasions by decorating with fresh flowers or a bit of glitter and sparkle for that mermaid vibe.

If you decide to leave your hair down, it’s important to be using the right products to protect it from the various hair-hazards that summer presents. Most importantly, the sun can bleach and dry out hair so use a sun-protecting spray and cover your head with a hat or silk scarf when it gets really hot. If you are at the beach be sure to protect your locks from salty sea water with a post-swim leave in conditioner. Simply spray over your hair, scrunch it in a few times with your hands and voila – none of that nasty dried out look for you!

Finding a suitable hairstyle to keep you cool during the summer months and protecting your hair are key summer lovin’ hair tips, but there are many other things to consider while you’re out and about. Here are our top things to do to keep your locks looking healthy and gorgeous while in the sun:



 Author: Joana Teixeira


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