Brunchin’ like a tourist in Las Vegas!

What’s up awesome people! I hope the blossom season is treating you good!
Today I’m bringing to you my experience at a casual restaurant in the heart of the Strip: Hexx Kitchen.
It’s located at the Paris Hotel & Casino but the main entrance is from the strip. It used to have a candy shop attached but they closed it to enlarge the restaurant. When I decided to make a reservation I didn’t think about the massive touristic traffic and the loudness of the place, I was just very excited about the fact that I got a table last second on opentable. My excitement decreased when I got there in time and realize there was a huge line outside waiting to be seated before me… I can get very inpatient when I’m hungry but I decided to chill and wait since we were already there.It worth waiting extra 20 min to get a table outside and look at the variety of tourists walking by. You can also enjoy the water show at Bellagio but watching tourists is more entertaining.

Shrimp cocktail

Grilled shrimp salad


Red fruits for dessert

I’m a healthy foodie so I always opt for a rich salad and a fresh appetizer; for this lunch I chose shrimp cocktail and shrimp salad. Yes, I was craving shrimp 😉 Surprisingly, the food didn’t take as long I thought it would, our waitress was very friendly and efficient, she refilled my iced tea 5 times, or six. Overall I enjoyed the food, the view and the service, but the place was a little too busy and loud for my expectations, I love being around tourists, but this was a little too much.
I would recommend it for some drinks or a quick bite when you’re on the strip, definitely not a romantic dining experience. If you decide to give it a chance make sure you seat outside, watching so many tourists walking by can be quite fun!
The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 6 am and 12 am. If you decide to dine at Hexx don’t forget to try their signature cocktails!


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