3 Natural Ways to Youthful Skin

People will spend a heap of money in their quest to remain youthful and looking young – often investing in the drastic step of cosmetic surgery, or a variety of cleverly marketed potions that unfortunately tend to be superficial quick fixes without sustainable long-lasting benefits. However, there are some people who find that visiting somewhere like Beverly Hills plastic surgery could be helpful to them with cosmetic issues.

There are many non-surgical options for younger looking skin. In fact, the victorian cosmetic institute offers non-surgical facial rejuvination, if you have started noticing the signs of aging but do not want any invasive surgery.The truth is, when it comes to ageing, prevention is better than cure, and whilst you can’t prevent the natural process of ageing you can be mindful of some of the factors that catalyse the ageing process, such as smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy food, or spending too much time in the sun. The best tips in terms of maintaining young looking skin is often much more than skin deep; it’s nutritional aspects such as keeping hydrated, exercising often, and eating the right foods or taking natural-based supplements.

The three tips below will help those on a quest to regain and maintain their youthful looks, naturally, without the need for cosmetic surgery or a huge bank balance.


Experts often recommend between six and nine hours sleep per night, and the term “beauty sleep” exists for a reason. We all know how much a bad night’s sleep can affect our skin; the dark eyes along with the grey, dull, and lifeless complexion.

If you’re a light sleeper you might want to try out hypnotherapy recordings or guided relaxation videos on YouTube, or even music designed for sleep that helps your brainwaves to slow down, to ensure you get the deep sleep you require each night, as your brain frequency needs to slow down to enable the process that fullys replenishes and repairs your body.

It can take up to 6 weeks to feel the effects of getting a good night’s sleep, but once you have committed to adjusting your lifestyle to ensure a consistently adequate supply of sleep, you will see a reduction in the dark circles around your eyes and an increase in your energy levels.


It’s important to moisturise and replenish our skin on a daily basis to keep it soft and looking young, but a lot of moisturisers are full of chemicals, and therefore it might be worth swapping the fancy marketing hype most people buy into for a more humble natural product such as aloe vera; this way you are nurturing your skin with a ton of amino acids and essential nutrients.

Similarly, if you have a skin condition such as acne, you’ll want to use an acne cleanser to prevent new blemishes from forming, that said, acne isn’t just an external condition – it’s an external reflection of something going on internally within your body, as are most skin conditions. Psoriasis for instance, isn’t a skin condition – it’s an immune system issue. Despite this being an immune system disorder, there are ways to lessen the acne caused by the condition. Many people report that using a skin care product with CBD in, whether that be cleanser or moisturizer, lessens the frequency and intensity of acne. This is always something worth trying if nothing seems to be working for you.

We tend to be overly keen and perhaps even dependent on reaching for a miracle promising cream to replenish our skin but no magical cream is going to solve the problem. If you want younger looking skin then you need to treat your skin from the inside out.


Research shows that very few of us drink enough water, on a daily basis, which is alarming when drinking water is absolutely vital for the function of our organs. With regard to our appearance, staying hydrated significantly helps our skin, as dehydration often leads to tired looking dull skin. In fact, one of the main causes for dark circles around your eyes is due to dehydration, just as much as a lack of sleep.


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