15 Ways To Put Your Health First In 2021

Looking to make your mental and physical health a priority in 2021? Want to create a roadmap to help you do so? To put your health first what you need is a clear plan and plenty of support resources. To start making health plans today, be sure to read up on these fifteen useful ideas.


1 . Rework your self-care regime

A new year is a perfect opportunity to give your self-care routine a little attention. Rework your routine by adding a few new health practices. Not sure where to start? Here come a few ideas:

  • Reconnect with nature: challenge yourself to spend more time outdoors, there are plenty of associated health benefits. You’ll boost your mood, improve your fitness levels, and experience relaxation. Some say nature can give you additional protection in the form of crystals. Crystals are said to have healing properties though many like to get them to help reconnect with nature and to remind them to relax.
  • Read more books: Rreading as little as six minutes a day can reduce stress levels by 60% by reducing your heart rate, easing muscle tension, and altering your state of mind. That’s according to a study carried out by Mental Health First Aid England. 6 minutes is barely any time at all, so there’s no harm in trying and seeing if you can increase how much you read.

  1. A better night’s sleep

Improving your sleep is the key to a healthy mind and body, when we haven’t had enough sleep it’s easy to become stressed out and physically exhausted. The longer having no sleep continues, the more likely it is that your health will soon start to suffer as a result, which is why it is important that you do something about this problem before it has a chance to get any worse. Regardless of whether you decide to try medical cannabis and order edibles online canada, or if you decide to try sleeping pills, it simply doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you get the help that you need. So, if you are struggling to get a decent night’s rest, consider trying some of the following natural supplements too:

  • Magnesium: This mineral is essential to maintain healthy bones, it’s found in foods such as whole grains, nuts, and vegetables. Studies have indicated that taking a magnesium supplement before bedtime is helpful to relax and sleep better.
  • Valerian Root: These supplements are made from the perennial flower of the same name. One of the active ingredients is isovaleric acid, which is responsible for the anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing effects.

  1. Reduce tech time

The world of technology offers so many positive contributions to our society, yet there are also a few drawbacks. Spending too much time on our iphones, tablets, and laptops can leave us feeling perpetually distracted. Other negative effects include constantly comparing ourselves to others; feeling stressed, and struggling to sleep. To protect your mental health it’s advisable to reduce the time you spend on your phone, the Internet, and social media. Challenge yourself to indulge in some wholesome and organic activities instead.


  1. Consider work-life balance

According to data from HR Exchange Network, a survey of 7,500 employees concluded that ‘23 percent of workers said they felt burned out more often than not. An additional 44 percent reported feeling burned out sometimes. To put that into context, nearly two-thirds of full-time workers are dealing with burnout at some point while at work.’

To avoid burnout, it’s important to retain a healthy work-life balance, for a few suggestions on how to do so, check out these:

  • Avoid overtime and adopt a flexible work schedule where possible.
  • Balance your time between working from home and the office.
  • Set healthy boundaries with management, to avoid taking on an unmanageable workload.
  • Practice self-care throughout the working week.

  1. Assess your bad habits

If you’re serious about putting your health first, it’s time to assess any bad habits that are compromising your health. Whether you’d like to drink less alcohol, eat less unhealthy food, or stop smoking, set yourself a health target for the new year. If you’re finding it hard kicking your habits, and you are worried you may be starting to develop a serious dependency, or you are on  the steps to sobriety and are needing a sober coach and or someone for guidance, there are resources to help you on your path.

  1. Pay attention to diet

Simple but very important, it’s crucial to pay close attention to your diet. Challenge yourself to carefully plan your meals, instead of making last-minute (and unhealthy) decisions. It can be helpful to set yourself a few goals whether it’s giving up processed food, fast-food, or limiting your intake of these foods. You might want to focus on foods that boost the immune system or foods that improve your mood. Whatever goals you set, the key is to eat a rich diet that’s packed with nutrients.

It might also be worth speak to someone about how to incorporate health supplements into your diet. For a number of reasons, we don’t always get the correct vitamins and nutrients that we need through the food that we choose to eat. Many people instead turn to supplements such as cod liver oil or bone marrow supplements such as can be found at https://shop.enviromedica.com/pastured-bone-marrow to help them get the nutrients their body needs.

  1. Set fitness goals

We all understand that fitness is the key to good health, but it can still be hard to get motivated. To help you on your way, why not try setting a few fitness goals? Some examples could be:

  • Starting a new fitness class, whether ballet barre, kickboxing, or spin.
  • Joining a new amateur sports team, whether tennis or hockey.
  • Downloading a fitness app, and challenging yourself to work out from home, at least three times a week.
  • Talking a long walk amongst nature, at least twice a week.
  • Challenging yourself to train for a sporting event, i.e a half marathon.
Health Support tools
To help you stick to your health goals, it’s handy to have the right support tools. From apps to podcasts, websites, and books, let’s take a look at a few top picks.


  1. Map My Fitness App

The Map My Fitness app is aimed at runners, whether newbies or professionals. Using the application you’ll get coaching advice, personalized training plans, running tips, and more. There are many different running plans to take your pic of, depending on what goals you have. With Map My Fitness app you can track your workouts, whether running, cross-training, yoga, gym workouts, or cycling. There’s audio coaching in real-time, providing info such as duration, pace, and distance. You can also discover nearby routes, save your favorite paths, and share your progress.


  1. True Coverage Website

To truly put your health first, what you need is the best health insurance package for you and your family. Using this website, you can search for affordable health insurance from TrueCoverage. The site offers plenty of guidance and resources that will help you select affordable options that meet your personal needs. They are the best at being able to find the lowest rates, without compromising on the quality of care you will receive. True Coverage can support you with your search and help you to find health coverage from companies such as IEHP. Getting organized with your 2021 health insurance can save you plenty of stress, and lots of time.


  1. Daily Harvest

The Daily Harvest app helps users to find the best quality ingredients, sourced from organic farmers in the local area. Behind the application is a team of top chefs and nutritionists, who take these ingredients and make tasty and healthy meals. With a few clicks, you can get these delicious meals delivered to you, fast. The app allows you to discover curated meal plans, and search based on dietary requirements and preferences.


  1. Shine

With the Shine app, users can improve their mental health, perfect their self-care routine, and set personal development goals. Here you’ll get tips on positive affirmations, mindfulness, productivity, and more. There are plenty of different programs to explore, whether you’re looking to express more gratitude, reduce anxiety symptoms, or challenge negative thoughts. The Shine app also has an online community, where you can converse with fellow app users, about self-care topics.


  1. Food For Thought Podcast

The Food For Thought podcast was created by Rhiannon Lambert, one of the leading Nutritionists in the UK. Throughout these podcasts, Rhiannon aims to simplify the concept of wellness and help you to live a more healthy lifestyle. With plenty of top advice from special guests, you’ll learn everything you need to start the year 2021 off right. Previous podcast themes have included emotional eating, body confidence, boosting your immunity, and the science behind our dieting choices.

  1. The Science Of Self Care

This podcast is hosted by comedians Sophie Yalkezian and Steven Polletta, along with neuroscientist Shannon Odell. Tune in to learn all about the science of self-care, and which self-care practices actually work! Expect lots of laughs along the way, and some unique strategies to shape your own self-care routine. Here you’ll find episodes themed on meditation, aromatherapy, sex, chocolate, and acupuncture. Learn why these sex-care practices work, and how to create a personalized routine, to suit your own needs.


  1. The Sleep Revolution: By Arianna Huffington

Here is a game-changing book, written by the editor and co-founder of the Huffington Post. Arianna is here to teach you about the sleep deprivation crisis, and its repercussions on our happiness, relationships, work performance, and health. Throughout this book, you’ll get to grips with the science of sleep and dreams, and get tips on how you can improve your health, with a better night’s rest. Themes explored include the sleep pill industry, technology and sleep, and our cultural dismissal of sleep.


  1. Well + Good

On the Well + Good website you’ll find plenty of articles and tips, including topics like fitness, food, travel, and relationships. Whether you’re looking to learn about food sustainability, practicing mindfulness, or personal development, Well + Good has plenty to offer. Working towards a healthy lifestyle includes so many different aspects, and this website is an excellent place to get some inspiration.


With all these support tools and ideas, you’ll be well on your way to creating a 2021 health plan that works for you.


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