15 Beauty Basics Every Girl Should Embrace

Being a female can feel hard at times. But it really is the best. As a girl, you get to have a lot of fun with pampering and primping. And that almost makes periods worth it! The world of beauty is so much fun, why would you not want to embrace it? A lot of the time, the beauty world can get a bad wrap. Some say its superficial. Some say it promotes unrealistic expectations. But beauty can help people rediscover their confidence and feel empowered. Some people seek cosmetic surgery with a Doctor like Dr. Sachin Shirharani for things like breast augmentation in order to overcome their insecurities. Now, no matter where you stand on the matter, you will find that getting into beauty can be a lot of fun. It makes you feel good, it makes you look good, and beauty helps you to take better care of your body too. And what’s so superficial or unrealistic about that?

So when it comes to really making the most of your beauty, what do you do? You know that you want to have fun with it, and you know that you want to look your best, but how do you do it? Well, you’re going to want to ensure that you stick to some key beauty basics. Whether you’re just getting started with hair, skin, nails and more, or you’ve never really taken much of an interest in it before, you’ve come to the right place. Because this post is going to break it all down for you. To help you really feel at your best, to get the most out the beauty products that you use, and ensure that you take good care of yourself, here’s the fifteen beauty basics you should embrace.

  1. A Good Cleansing Routine

You’re going to want to start with your skin. Because if you don’t have naturally healthy skin, it’s going to impact on your makeup and overall beauty look. And the basics of good skincare always start with a good cleansing routine. Now, you will want to try a range of different cleansers to work out which are going to work best for you. But essentially, you’ll want a cleanses that keep your skin fresh and clear.

  1. Understanding Your Skin Type

To help you to choose the right products, and to know how to treat your skin going forward, you’ll want to get to know your skin type. It’s often really easy to make assumptions here. But try not to. Because you won’t always know what your skin type is until you test it. This will then help you to improve your complexion with the next steps.

  1. Moisturizing

No matter what kind of skin type you have, you absolutely have to moisturize. Working hydration into your skincare routine is the best way to keep it healthy. If you want radiant, plump, and glowing skin, then this is your most important step. So take your time trying to find a moisturizer that will help your skin to look its best.

  1. Masking

From here, you’re then going to want to make sure that you’re doing a regular treatment mask to suit your skin type. And this doesn’t have to be costly. You can often find great natural remedies like in this post – Hydrating Face Masks: 8 Recipes That Really Work, that will do the trick. As long as you’re doing a treatment for your skin type on a regular basis, you’ll be doing the best thing for your beauty regime.

  1. Nutrition & Beauty

For a tough one to work on when you’re a teen or just new to beauty altogether, is often your diet. But did you know that your diet and skin health are connected. What you eat shows in your beauty. So if you’re eating a lot of junk, your skin, hair, nails, and eyes may look dull. But when you eat a balanced diet rich in protein, fruits, and vegetables, you’ll really start to notice the difference in your beauty overall.

  1. Drinking Water

You’ll often hear a lot of people telling you to drink more water, but it really is the beauty secret. If you’re dying for clear skin, then you need to start drinking more water and fast. When your body is hydrated, you get a beauty boost. Think glowing, plump, and radiant skin. But this will only happen if you increase your water intake. Hydrating yourself is also a key part of avoiding cold sores from breaking out. In addition to this, you may also want to consider treating any emerging blemishes with cold sore medicine to help maintain your clear skin.

  1. Getting A Good Base

Next up, there’s makeup. Now that you’ve worked on your skincare a little better, you’ve already got a good base to work with. But if you want your makeup to last, you actually need a good primer too. Don’t just go right in with your makeup and hope for the best. A blurring primer with smooth out your complexion for a better finish, and it will also help to keep your makeup on all day too. It might be worth checking out CosmetBeauty.com. My friend tells me they have a fantastic range of cosmetics reviews if you wanted to learn more.

  1. Choosing Your Makeup Products

When it comes to picking out the makeup products that are right for you, you’ll want to make sure that you’re focusing on the finished look that you want. Whether you decide to go drugstore or high-end, you can get a great finish if you choose well. Do you want a mattifying foundation or a dewy one? Glitter based eyeshadow or matte? Make sure that you’re thinking about the look you want, and you’ll be able to pick out the right products.

  1. Applying Your Makeup

When it comes to the application, make sure that you’re using brushes. And don’t always look to stars with heavy makeup either. You can totally look amazing with a more natural look. To help you, head to YouTube and try out some tutorials for beginners. And remember, you really don’t have to go too heavy to look good.

  1. Nurturing Your Nails

How do you treat your nails? This is one of the things that you should really focus on. Make sure that your nails are done and in good shape if you want to really feel put together. If you’re not sure how to do that, this post – Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Nails, is a good starting point. You’ll find that manicures are much easier after that.

11.Body Care

Then, you’re going to want to think about the way that you look after your body. Because it’s too easy to focus on your skin and your makeup and then think you’re done. But what about your body? if you want to make sure that you’re really taking care of yourself, shaving, exfoliating, brushing, and moisturizing should be considered. Sometimes there are things that happen with your body that you no control over like stretch marks and thread veins, there are creams can help you with stretch marks. However, if you have problem with thread veins there are places out there that can help, if you are interested you might want check out something like Dr Newmans Clinic for more information.

  1. Hair Care

And there’s also hair care too. Because it won’t take care of itself. No matter how often you want to wash and style your hair, just be sure that you’re looking after it. Pick a shampoo and conditioner that will work with your hair type. And use product! A heat protection spray is essential, but you’ll also want to ensure that you using an oil to keep the condition of your hair looking good and healthy too.

  1. Styling Your Hair

When it comes to styling your hair, try to find a kind of look that suits you best. You won’t want this to be complicated, but you will want it to be natural. Because when it comes to feeling your best and really enjoying playing around with beauty, you’ll want to feel good. Whether it’s long and simple curls or a straight-cut style, opt for something that really shows off your style.

  1. Wearing Perfume

Now, this is something that will be personal to you, but you may find that you want to pick out a signature perfume. Selecting a signature perfume is a big job. Because you’ll want to find a scent that suits you perfectly, and that can work for a range of occasions. It can be such a difficult choice that you may even want to pick out day scents and night scents. You may even want to find seasonal variations so that you can wearing different kinds of scents in the summer and in the winter.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got your regular beauty maintenance down. From shaping your brows to getting a wax, we’ll all have a different approach here, but it is important that you find a suitable schedule that suits you best. Think about what you can do yourself, and what you’d like to get done professionally. From manicures to haircuts, you should find a balance. Then, commit to your schedule to make sure your regular beauty maintenance is a breeze.

And there you have it. You may have been a beauty newbie, but you won’t be anymore. This may seem like a lot to take in at once, but when you break it all down, it’s easy to see that actually, beauty is incredibly fun. And by going through each step, or you’ll find that you not only feel great, but you’re starting to take much better care of yourself too. Remember, you’re always going to be as beautiful as you feel, and that’s always going to start when you embrace your beauty in this way.


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